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Post by gleichnerr » 12 Nov 2006 20:39

Can't speak intelligently on the Barlow-Wadley, but it sounds very similar to some of the old Zenith "World Band" series radios that were made in the US.

These had about 15 bands, and could tune in almost anything "on the air" in the 70's. One of my Grandparents had one (wonder what happened to it?), that I had great fun with when I was small and stayed overnight.

I still have my Winegard FM Aerial, but at present, it's neatly folded up in the garage. Guess I'll have to think about dropping a cable for it in the attic when I finally get around to my low-voltage home re-wiring project. (I'm going to split-up a few AC circuits, add remote control for my Satellite receiver, add some home network cable, and upgrade my telephone cables - some of the telephone cable is the old separate 2-strand, cloth-covered stuff from the 1940's.)

Fall/Winter is a good time to crawl around in the attic - when you're not sweating, the fiberglass stuff doesn't stick to you as much, resulting in less of the itchy heeby-jeebies............ :idea: Come to think of it, in my attic, I have a long-wire AM antenna from the days before the idiot-box TV. I'll bet that the "drop" - where it used to plug into the old AM tube sets, is probably still plastered inside of one of the walls somewhere, which may be cause for a bit of a "fishing" expedition if it would be compatible with modern (semi-modern?) receivers. Any suggestions, folks???

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Post by delcam1n0 » 13 Nov 2006 12:51

gleichnerr, family-dog

Probably family_dog has his facts on the B-W right.
BTW F-D, thanks for that Italian link: brought back
fond memories!

As far as I recall from when I sold them many moons
ago it was a pretty heavy - for its smallish size - dark
green beast with just two tuning dials - one for the 0-30
megahertz adjust, the other one for a 0-999 kilohertz
scale. A drum scale was placed betwixt those two.
Sensitivity & reception Q was pretty amazing, but so
was the price - unaffordable for me at least on my
salesman wages wanting to put together a decent HiFi
system too!!

Eventually was given a pocket-book sized 7600 Sony
-which now is still keeping me in touch with the world
after almost 25 years!

How far are you from LaCrosse, the Trane HQs?
Hope you don't just have AM reception so close to
the Northpole!! But do enjoy whatever you can

best rgrds/delcam1n0

charlen mills
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Post by charlen mills » 15 Nov 2006 10:02

Dear delcam1n0,

In the past I wished I could also possess such a SW/FM receiver. A couple of months ago (or more) I bought a Barlow Wadley from an old antique shop for about 8 pounds. It is still in a very nice working condition. My house is now becoming a "museum"

Kind Regards


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Post by delcam1n0 » 15 Nov 2006 13:30

Hello Charles,

Lucky you! Have fun with it and if/when you encounter
something similar (with or w/o FM section) on your trails
at a reasonable price: I'd like a PM please! Not too many
of them are floating around Europe!

And as for the museum bit - I know the feeling!!

Best regards to Jozi & you