Headshell Lead Cable Problems _ need SOME help

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Headshell Lead Cable Problems _ need SOME help

Post by thebigfoist » 10 Feb 2009 18:00

Hey everyone,

I ordered new headshell lead cables for my Sherwood ST-880, and I hooked them up in what I thought was the right configuration (LH - white, RH- red, LG- blue, RG- green) but no matter which configuration I place the cables in between the stylus the arm, I can only hear out of one speaker. I know it's not an amp problem since it's firmly hooked up in the back and I've heard it come from both speakers depending on which diodes I hooked the headshell leads up between.

If anyone has any advice, please let me know! I'm all out of ideas and I got this turntable from my father. I'd hate to have to scrap it because one of the poles on the stylus is busted or something...

Lay your wisdom upon me, forum.
- T

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Post by Alec124c41 » 10 Feb 2009 18:14

You could have an interruption anywhere between the stylus and the amp. If you have a multimeter, you canisolate the fault and fix it. If you don't, you should.
The cartridge: should show same resistance between white-blue and red-green. If one is open circuit, you need a new cartridge.
Headshell leads: should be snug at all connections. Note that connections at back of headshell are not necessarily the same as on cartridge. From inside shell
white red
blue green
Check continuity from cart pin to back of shell.
Check continuity from connections in end of arm to RCA plugs.
One of the most common faults is a broken inner wire just behind the RCA plug. You would need to cut a couple of inches off the cable, and install new plugs.


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