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Posted: 18 Dec 2008 23:22
by Alec124c41
Keep us posted on your impressions, when you get them. I'm quite happy with mine.


Posted: 18 Dec 2008 23:34
by cfraser
I just ordered the one item, the heavy SuperClamp. Really, what impression as to superiority do you think I will have compared to the cheezy plastic CleverClamp I'm using now? I don't want you to go out on a limb here... :)

I have nothing to compare with. And you pretty much need to use a clamp or weight with this TT, I don't believe "nothing" is an option, at least without a mat. So my opinion of how this clamp sounds won't really have any basis...

This "TCS" guy whose initials are shown in some pics did in fact try many of the clamps on a Clearaudio table, so I took his preferences into consideration when making a choice, since I have no opinion on this matter.

Posted: 19 Dec 2008 00:04
by Alec124c41
My experience: the 287 gram puck held the record down but did not make much difference in the sound. The TTWeights contact the record at the periphery, and tighten up the sound nicely. I like the result.
Let us know what you think.


Posted: 19 Dec 2008 00:19
by cfraser
I probably should have got a set of those Iso feet too. Forgot. I am just using Vibrapods under my TT platform now, and they actually work very well for my purposes. Which was surprising because they didn't do at all what I wanted with the P3. Yup, certainly no one size fits all when it comes to TT stuff. I had to steal the 'pods from other gear, the Iso feet would (at least) look a little nicer with my pretty new TT...not that the Rubbermaid cover is doing that aspect any favors. :)

Posted: 19 Dec 2008 00:24
by Alec124c41
That's what makes it fun.


Posted: 23 Dec 2008 16:55
by cfraser
Got my SuperClamp and the Iso feet.

Tried out the clamp last night. It turns out, only after I was ready to retire for the night, that I didn't have the clamp clamped at all. I was turning the knob the wrong way, I though fully in was clamped. LOL, I told you I knew nothing about them. Anyway, today I'll try it properly, the way I had it I was using it as a weight, and it seemed to hold the LPs pretty well that way too...I mean, I didn't even notice it wasn't clamped...maybe I should have looked at how the collet works... :oops: As a weight, the SuperClamp seems to hold the LP to the platter just about as tightly as my CleverClamp, my only other comparison. It feels quite heavy in the hand, mine is 579g, and it does flatten the LPs rather well. Talk about a precision fit to my spindle...the clamp fits on like it's greased and yet there is ZERO apparent play...nice.

As a weight, I did notice an improvement in clarity. However, my cart is NOT even close to broken in. Also, it is set up "stock" and is more tail down than is my preference. So the sound was a tad brighter than I prefer already, and the SuperClamp increased that a tiny bit and also tightened the bass (very noticeable). So it is quite clear the clamp used as a weight does have an obvious sonic effect, and I expect it will suit me well once I am at the point to adjust my cart setup to my own preference.

As for the Iso feet, for my needs and purposes, 4 of them worked excellently, the best results I have ever got and the absolute best I could measure even (so I'll never know if something else could be "better"). Using 5 was noticeably worse than what I already had (pre Iso feet), and I tried moving that fifth one all over the place (hate having "spare" parts LOL). Again, no one size fits all...

Edit: rearranged the Iso feet. As Larry infers on his site, you could and should spend some time on this, positioning really does matter. I did finally manage to find a position for that fifth foot that pleases me, even though I am unable to tell if it is better than with just the 4 feet, but it is at least as good now (and no spare parts LOL). I mean, there must be a reason for selling in sets of 5 since it's kind of unusual. Unless it's to play with our heads LOL. Due to the nature of my TT, with it's "free-floating" motor, I am unable to replace the stock TT feet with the Iso feet (I wouldn't anyway, they are nice big adjustable feet). So the TT sits on a platform (outside of s this "platform" is called a board) and the Iso feet are under that...even then, the position of the Iso feet under that are significant.

And again: found the nice instructions that came with the TTWeights items, they were in an envelope and somehow I misplaced them when unpacking the big box which contained the individual item boxes. They explain everything I had questions about above and some I didn't mention LOL...

Posted: 30 Dec 2008 04:21
by 33audio
I was curious if there is a concern about the platter bearing.

Playing records wet and clamps/weights have been debated for many years.

Personally I suspect the major issue with vinyl is the flexing of the groove wall.

I used weights at one time. I couldn't hear any difference and there is the possiblity that you may drop it on your favorite LP.

Aside from the sonic merits, any concerns about bearing wear? Seems to me that you may increase noise with excessive bearing load and possible rough wear patterns.


Posted: 23 Jan 2009 22:54
by pivot
Well, after debate with myself I pulled the trigger on a TTSuperClamp Featherweight.

Ordered with PayPal Tuesday evening and the box was here on Friday. Impressive!!

Have yet to listen but first impression is it is VERY pretty and VERY well made.

I have better headphones then speakers at present so I will report back once I have a listen on my cans.

Posted: 25 Jan 2009 05:09
by ruknd
What about the bearing? It seems it would create a burdensome load?

Also...if lots of us are interested maybe we can work out a group buy.

Posted: 25 Jan 2009 05:52
by Alec124c41
A ball bearing and a thrust plate are probably the easiest and cheapest parts of a turntable to replace.
I sill like what my weights do, sonically.
And I first looked at them because they were half the price of other weights, for the basic aluminum. And you can't beat the return policy.
Notice, also, that his eBay prices are "O.B.O." Make him a reasonable offer. :)