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Looking at 2 sets of Headphones

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 22:56
by TD 166 MKII
I am looking at getting a new pair of Headphones, nothing exotic but both seem to have good reviews. The first pair is Hifiman HE400S and the second pair are German MAESTRO GMP 400. I use Grado SR125 now with Schiit LRY 2 Amp.
So any user feedback would be appreciated.

Re: Looking at 2 sets of Headphones

Posted: 09 Aug 2019 13:49
May I ask what is wrong with your " Grado SR125" phones?
Grado phones are known for having a natural, uncolored sound which includes a great mid range .

They are also "open air" phones which are more like listening to speakers . :)

Re: Looking at 2 sets of Headphones

Posted: 11 Aug 2019 22:43
by JoeE SP9
^^^ What he said!

FWIW: I have several pair of planar dynamic headphones and a pair of Grado's. The planars are my choice.

Re: Looking at 2 sets of Headphones

Posted: 20 Aug 2019 22:24
by TD 166 MKII
Nothing wrong with the Grado's but I want to try something different. The 125 is the original so no e or I and I like them a lot. I went with the HiFiMan 400 s could not pass on the deal, they are mint and came with a nice wood stand. Got them for $140.00 and when I first put them on I could not believe how comfortable they are. The crispness and size of the sound stage and separation are just amazing. It like everything becomes much livelier. I must admit I have never heard Robert Plant voice like this ever and Jimmy's Guitar work has me going back and listening to all my Zep albums, some not so different and some I feel I am hearing a newly recorded version. I must admit they like the juice though, yes you get some great sound at lower volumes but you feed some power into them and you hit this sweet spot and the low end really comes alive.