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Marantz "Professional"

Posted: 13 Jul 2019 15:34
by DasherF
Hi, All! Happy Saturday!
I picked up a Marantz Professional PMD-350 rack mount CD/cassette recorder combo, as it came in with a couple dedicated CD recorders and a cassette recorder from the same series (thought of "scarfing" those up as well...if they're still there on Monday...hmm :-k ).
I was curious to learn if they're all "that". Mostly what I wanted it for was to record LPs and the occasional tape. Any info is appreciated!

Re: Marantz "Professional"

Posted: 13 Jul 2019 21:59
by DasherF
An update on the Professional...hooked it up to the test rig...right side channel is low at the terminal side, but sounds full and balanced through the headphones (those Koss H1Vs are sooo nice!), so it's probably a connection/corrosion issue in the back. Down to the bench it goes...both the CD and cassette decks play great.
If anyone can offer a remedy before I get to checking it out, let me know, so I can look in a good place first.