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Question about a Pioneer DJM-250 mixer

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 16:07
by Bohuweno
I don't know about this equipment, I don't use mixers myself.

My friend has a problem with his mixer (Pioneer DJM-250), and has no experience with opening up and repairing gear. I've done a bit of repair of turntables and other components, mostly through online help or research - I'm not much at troubleshooting without assistance, other than for the most basic, obvious things. This is how he describes the issue; so if anyone can think of a possible simple cause (and simple fix) I'd like to hear it:

"I have been having sound issues with my mixer lately. The main issue is that even though the mixer is clearly on, sometimes I get no playback sound when I play my turntable. I usually have to turn the mixer off & on a couple of times before I can hear anything. I also noticed that if I move the power cord in the back of the mixer (jiggle it slightly), the sound comes on. There is plenty of slack for the power cord, its not stretched, the connection is fine. I have also noticed that the sound in one of the speakers is louder than the other speaker. Its not a balance issue as my amp does not have a balance controller. I strongly believe its related to the mixer. Any suggestions?"

I will add to his question that he showed me (online, as we're not in the same city) the power on sequence with what I assume is a startup self-test (LEDs lighting in sequence). It looks normal to me. That suggests there's nothing wrong with the power, and I don't believe jiggling the cord in the back indicates a problem either; I am guessing all it does is potentially break the connection momentarily.

I have a download of the service manual (from this site).

Anyone have any suggestions about what to look at first?