The Unequal Struggle...

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Re: The Unequal Struggle...

Post by jusbe » 08 Aug 2019 12:04

Love my ZX-7. And TCD-440As. Wonderful.

Roberto C2H3
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Re: The Unequal Struggle...

Post by Roberto C2H3 » 08 Aug 2019 17:32

Hola simonineaston :D

My Nakamichi 670-ZX and CR-1A are called to action several times every week. The CR-1A I've had since college in the early 80s. The 670-ZX I purchased in great cosmetic condition four years ago and had it restored to original specs by Willy Hermann out in California. It sounds superb.

I have several hundred cassette tapes and they are a joy to play. I have Maxell SA's I recorded back in college that sound astounding almost forty years later. You will find many folks here that routinely enjoy music from the cassette medium 8)

Best from the Pampas,