FM radio vs HD1

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Re: FM radio vs HD1

Post by NewOldVinyl » 21 Jul 2019 04:43

Do not equate FM HD Radio audio quality with SiriusXM. They’re not remotely the same. The FM implementation of HD Radio on HD1 should sound very good. Yes, near CD quality. It has wider frequency response, higher s/n ratio and dynamic range, and lower distortion than analog FM. HD audio is also immune to multi pathing and other analog problems.

SiriusXM is very bit-starved and resembles mediocre quality streaming.

HD Radio does use lossy compression but it uses a codec derived from the “old” Dolby AC3 codec which was quite good enough for 5.1 digital audio on film for movie theaters.

I need to do a thorough write up on this topic... :)