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Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 19:42
Of course there are nothing like electrostatic HPs
I had electrostatics back in the '70s :)

Anyway, I learned a long time ago that spending large amounts of money does not always get you better audio that corresponds with a large monetary outlay .

There are also those who do no have large disposable incomes .

I presently have one of these..... ... -reviewed/
Some want no part of them ...until they hear them.
BTW, anyone who knows what a "passive EQ" is, you know that you can only cut a frequency band and you get no added distortion. So, the flat position on on the Bravo 3 would be with all three tone sliders in the full "up" position.
I have settled on a Russian made 6299EH tube. This is a great sounding tube but, some think it is just a hair bass heavy. (in most applications) but a slight cut in the bass on the "Bravo3" takes care of that .

I also have ($99) "Grado SR- 80" HPs head phones . They are (over the ear) open air phones and open air HPs sound more like listening to speakers.

If you want to spend money for diminishing returns, fine but. personally, I really like this combo..... for my ears anyway. :)

Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 21:04
by JoeE SP9
One small correction, Grado's are not over the ear phones. They are on ear even when the original cushions have been replaced as I've done with my Grado's. My HiFiMan and Monolith phones are over the ear.

If your ear fits entirely inside of the cushions they are over the ear. Otherwise they are on ear.

Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 21:45
OK... you are now just "arguing" .... semantics perhaps? :)

They are indeed over the ear phones, as opposed to in the ear phones, or " on ear" phones......and they do cover the whole ear..... unless you have elephant sized ears.

Just because they are not somewhat oblong, they do cover the ear due to their diameter. .
Also, open air phones do not need a seal over the ear to provide the best bass as sealed phones do.
Whether or not the entire ear fits "completely "inside" the cushion is completely irrelevant for open airs :)

Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 00:05
by lini
gb: Sennheiser HD600 is circumaural - not supraaural, as you seem to prefer. So maybe you'd enjoy a Grado more... I've only auditioned the old Prestige and Reference series (i.e., non-i/non-e), though - of which to me the SR-225 seemed to be the model with the best price-performance, while I liked the RS2 best, but deemed it rather expensive compared to an AKG K501.

Well, and all the headphones amps I still have are older Meier-Audios, with all of which I'm still happy - whereas I wasn't happy with the first Pro-Ject HeadBox (which later was renamed to HeadBox SE), but at least the friend of mine, whom I've passed it on to for free, was pretty pleased with that thingy... Personally I found, that even the original PortaCorda with a regular NiMH 9V block would sound better than the original HeadBox. And I also didn't liked it's rather cheapish innards.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 01:57
by goatbreath
The velvet Circumaural is fine..The plasticky earpads irritate my skin problems worse..On ear is good too though..
The Family headphones when I was young were Sennheiser HD 424s..

The HD 600 apparently have quite a high impedance so I compromised by getting the rather suave looking
Sennheiser HD 599..It is cheaper,lightish in weight and apparently very open sounding... ... headphones

The Stax Electrostatics would mean much more hifi disassembly..
The inconvenience factor was a bit too high..
They looked really tempting though..

Although the volume pot is apparently a bit noisy,I went for the Project Headbox S 2..
The one without the DAC..I have a CD Player and it does sound pretty good anyway..
I play way more vinyl though..
I have had good luck with Project phono stages and I can just link the phonostage to the
Headphone Amp that way..Plus anything wrong with it,lots of places deal with Project in the UK.
I bought from a UK shop...So it is a safer bet.. ... -amplifier

Rather than everything getting tangled I decided to splash out and get a stand too..
I thought this looked not too bad,it kind of goes with the quite 70s look of the headphones..
(215.84 KiB) Downloaded 40 times
I just hope I don't get like I do with turntables or guitars and end up with a headphone collection.. :lol:

Thank you for your help everyone..

Those HD600s still sound as if they would be amazing though..

Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 02:20
by goatbreath
Hopefully I have caught things in time..

I thought this Headphone Amp although more expensive a much better bet...

Also if I get other headphones in future it should be better match..

I am still tempted by those HD 600s

The Graham Slee is probably more Capable with them.. ... -amplifier

Re: Headphones and Headphone amplifier,I'm Clueless..

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 09:44
by Tinkaroo
I own at least 10 headphones, but 5 of what I would consider better quality ones by Beyerdynamic and AKG. I don't own any Sennheiser other than some earbuds.

The most important things from my experience are good sound quality and comfort in long term listening. With comfort you get into things like clamping force, weight, softness and material of the pads and even how the headband feels on the top of your head or how the earpads fit over the ears. In some cases as far as comfort goes it's personal preference, plus we all have slightly bigger or smaller ears, some protrude or are flat, etc.. If an earpad allows the driver to press against the ear, then that is not comfortable, plus its better to have a bit of spacing from the driver to your ear, and that open chamber to give the sound a bit more of a spatial feeling. The bottom line is you have to try them out yourself and do long term listening tests to see if you like a headphone or not. Also some pads take a bit of breaking in, and sometimes drivers do too.

As far as impedance goes, 250 ohms was a standard, but with portable devices the 50 ohm models came into usage. For hifi listening on a standard amp, the 600 ohm headphones are the better sounding models, but you can't use them on portable devices such as an MP3 player. Two of my better headphones are 600 ohm and the other 3 are 250 ohm. They all perform well from any of my stereo amps or receivers headphone jack.

I hope you like the new headphones but don't be surprised if sometime down the road you might desire another pair. I like to switch mine around just for a bit of variety.