Really Dumb Cable Question

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Re: Really Dumb Cable Question

Post by cafe latte » 30 Jan 2019 23:01

Ottermel wrote:
30 Jan 2019 17:45
cafe latte wrote:
30 Jan 2019 13:07
AudioFeline wrote:
30 Jan 2019 12:31
Picture in your mind the audio signal being like water going down a hose. It starts at the turntable/CD player/tuner/etc, and goes to your preamp. From the preamp it goes to the power amp (assuming you have a pre-power amp setup). It then flows from the amp to the speakers.

When connecting the cables, the arrows show the direction of the audio signal (ie, the direction the water flows). The cable will work when connected the "wrong" way around, and some people will argue that it makes no difference. I try to be particular about my system, so I always follow the arrows on my cables.
Signal is AC ie it goes all the time in both directions it is went in one direction speakers would not be happy at all!
Past the rectifier the current flow is DC NOT AC it gets converted at later stages . Transisitor and tubes (valves) have flow of current only one way!
This is simplified and it does not mean that there is DC at speaker terminals (it can't be).
From the cd or turntable the signal is ac, from the back of the amp to the speakers it is ac that is what myself and others are saying, cd at the speakers would not be music cones would be pushed in one direction.