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Turntable sandbox INSIDE record cabinet

Posted: 13 Nov 2018 01:07
by DixieTom
After replacing the speakers in a mid century modern record cabinet/console, I was having a horrible rumbling feedback. The tt was receiving horrible vibrational feedback through the cabinet.

SPOILER ALERT: this is a sandbox testimony

Yes, I know, having the tt sitting inside of the same cabinet that houses the speakers is an awful idea— but da** the torpedoes.

First the basics: Running a Technics Sl-D205 with a Pickering XV-15 and amplified by a Sony STR-DH190

The speakers were mounted to 1/2” MDF. The speakers are a pair of tweeters and mid-range speakers from an older pair of Zenith cabinets. I enjoy the sound, but I couldn’t turn it up very loud for the rumble feedback.

The REALLY SHORT version is that I built a recessed sandbox inside an older record cabinet and filled it with ~35lbs of sand. The tt is resting on top of 1/2” MDF that’s floating on the sand, but it would be nice to get a piece of granite, or something.

I’m having GREAT success with this at the moment. If you’re looking for something to dampens vibrations BUILD A SANDBOX.

Re: Turntable sandbox INSIDE record cabinet

Posted: 13 Nov 2018 01:45
by AsOriginallyRecorded
Reading of your 35lbs of sand under your turntable, I couldn't help but wonder if an old Wharfedale trick might be beneficial. Namely, filling your speaker enclosures with sand to ameliorate the rumble in your system. In a cabinet system such as yours, the entire cabinet has the possibility of functioning as a bit of an echo chamber, exaggerating a lot of frequency anomalies. Just thinking out loud you understand.... 8)

Re: Turntable sandbox INSIDE record cabinet

Posted: 13 Nov 2018 02:00
by DixieTom
Still working on the cabinet. I’m gonna stuff the cabinet with some fiberglass insulation and then close up the back with some hardboard.

Re: Turntable sandbox INSIDE record cabinet

Posted: 30 Jan 2019 13:15
by AudioFeline
Welcome to VE Tom.

Good to hear the sandbox made your tt more enjoyable.

On the cabinet, brace the edges so it becomes solid. If the panels are thin, glue+fix hardwood ply to deaden the resonances. Closing the back may make the unit more resonate, perhaps try a quick/cheap experiment before getting the hardwood.

Re: Turntable sandbox INSIDE record cabinet

Posted: 02 Feb 2019 17:04
by nat
Just to be clear: Wharfedales weren't filled with sand, which would not be acoustically beneficial and would raise shipping costs suicidally. They had sand between two walls of the enclosure. I'm not sure if all walls had such, or just the front baffle. Wharfedale also used ceramic tiles clamped to back panels.