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leak troughline - which setereo decoder

Posted: 29 Sep 2007 13:27
by loheswaran
I am pondering which company I go to, to get my leak troughline modded:

1. Classique sounds
2. Graham Tricker (GT Audio)
3. One thing audio

what do you think?


Posted: 18 Jun 2008 16:23
by penforpen
Hi there,

I have looked at doing this myself and was put off by the cost

The Best was the Valve unit by EAR but at £500 its a little much for FM these days

I would go for Classique sounds unit

but you will remove some Sweet sounds

Posted: 18 Jun 2008 18:00
by LeeS
I use a "Studio12" decoder for my Trough Line. I fitted it inside the Leak with its own little PSU and sounds just as good as an EAR and One Thing IMHO. Not sure where you can get one from now though. I got mine from eBay about 5 years ago. Cost me £60 ish. Hope that helps.