Anyone use a graphic equaliser?

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Re: Anyone use a graphic equaliser?

Post by AudioFeline » 30 Jan 2019 12:35

Yes, I have and use a graphic eq. I have many recordings of live performances made with a portable recorder and microphone. The resultant poor audio balance of these recordings needs a graphic eq to make them listenable.

For normal listening (eg. records/CD), I don't use the graphic eq. My preamp doesn't have tone controls, and doesn't need them. When I moved into my house and set up my stereo I spent some time experimenting with room treatments to get a good tonal balance from the stereo. Electronic tone adjustment is not required.

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Re: Anyone use a graphic equaliser?

Post by Analogcd » 03 Dec 2019 16:04

I worked at Rane for over 20 years and have used dozens of graphic equalizers for both live reinforcement and home listening applications. My home systems have one seven-band EQ permanently set for room compensation and one five-band stereo EQ for on-the-fly adjustments. Note: stereo EQ is less common, most graphic models are dual mono (two sets of sliders, one for each audio channel). I listen to many different formats, tape, vinyl, digital, live, prerecorded, studio masters, etc. My favorite stereo EQ is JVC SEA-10, with five slide controls and two filter push-button switches. It is a very powerful "tone control", which can be bypassed as needed.

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Re: Anyone use a graphic equaliser?

Post by StephDale » 03 Dec 2019 16:25


That Schiit Loki you mention in your first post will work across the system, just put it in the tape monitor loop (assuming your amp has one - mine hasn't) or between pre and power amps. I think that's where all external tone controls/equalisers will sit, unless they're built into your pre- or integrated amp. I've little experience using one other than helping a mate set up a Kef Kube to run with his 103/2s. He had the option to put it either in a tape loop or between pre and power amps and chose to use it in the tape loop so that he could bring it into play just by clicking the 'Tape Mon' button on his pre-amp.