Recording 78s - Audio HiFi Handbook 1975

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Recording 78s - Audio HiFi Handbook 1975

Post by JaS » 18 Feb 2014 13:58


Thanks again to Terry Robinson for the scans


Re: Recording 78s - Audio HiFi Handbook 1975

Post by tubeactive » 05 Oct 2015 00:35

FANTASTICALLY Informative ! Research the footnotes as needed as well; which may require visits to real libraries; remember them ? Also, maybe some fellow collectors have some of the footnoted articles in their lit collections.

As an addendum, regarding playback equipment, within than a decade after this article, 78 collecting prompted certain manufacturers to produce specialized preamps, noise reducers and equalizers. Now, in 2015, some of these units are quite rare, but, today we also have some specialist companies offering very worthy playback gear.

Soon after the article's era, Phase Linear offered a cool Dynamic Range Expander, the model 1000, incorporated in their model 4000 preamplifier. There were also many dynamic range expanders available subsequently and through the '80s; which can be very effective at lowering the noise floor and recovering some musical dynamics. Then, there were also the "click and pop" reducers and some very cool equalizers. Phase Linear, SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics), DBX, RGR, even Garrard and Pioneer, as well as many other vintage companies contributed their efforts to increase record playback enjoyment.

Perhaps, one of the most sincere vintage 78 restoration company was Owl Audio which appeared in the early 1990s. These folks brought the multitude of custom styli available to the public's awareness. Besides offering these styli, they offered their Owl 1 Preamp and Multifilter devices; which incorporated very worthy notch filters to "tune out" the groove noises without affecting the nearby frequency ranges containing musical info. I still use my Owl 1 Preamplifier and can vouch for its' sonic worthiness.

The noise reducing and 78 specialist gear available from the mid '70s to the '90s is now quite rare and deserves electrical restoration, if necessary. The more recent 78 devotees should research the old and newer companies that specialize in noise reduction, dynamic range expansion and 78 rpm playback, restoration and recording. Many of the older discs are well worth listening sessions as well as preservation. The sound quality on many can be exceptional.

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