Points And Ploughshares - HiFi News 1985

technical documents and audio patents
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Points And Ploughshares - HiFi News 1985

Post by JaS » 22 Nov 2009 20:10


Thanks to Terry Robinson for the scans

Bebé Tonto

Post by Bebé Tonto » 23 Nov 2009 14:55

Excellent!! Thanks you very much.

Would you please rename this thread's title to "Evolution of the stylus"? "Points and ploughshares" really do not help very much.

Blue Angel
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Post by Blue Angel » 23 Nov 2009 20:12

I see nothing wrong with the "Points & Ploughshares" title as that was the original HFN & RR article's title.

The illustrious triumvirate of Stanley Kelly, James Moir and Ralph West - technical advisers and writers for HFN & RR in 'the day' are still eminently readable today. Not forgetting Jack Bickerstaffe and Donald Aldous...

Thanks for a great read!



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Post by nat » 18 Sep 2010 00:46

Stan Kelly liked pungent writing, and the title is taken from his text -- I think it should be used.
Why is so much audio writing so mealy mouthed or just blather nowadays? If you read a guy like Stan Kelly's work, or that of Percy Wilson or the great Gilbert Briggs, they seem to have the ability to express their point of view with acuity, vigor and humor, but, at the same time, to note disagreements with some acknowledgment of the sources of the opposing opinions. It's painful reading most modern stuff on audio -- its so cribbed and careful (in expression, though not the claims advanced, which are often vast), or so petulant and insecure (and again the claims are grandious).

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