Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

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Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

Post by MichaelDaran » 12 Sep 2017 22:43

I have recently purchased a fabulous Pt1 fitted with a Linn basik LVV tonearm and an At100e cart. Although I am very pleased with the performance I would not say that it is currently much better than that of my Thorens td160 when fitted with the same cart'. In order to unlock more of the Pt's potential should I simply upgrade the cart or source a 'hopefully easy to fit'/ reasonably priced replacement tonearm?
Any advice / suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks Mike

Ivor Pinkun
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Re: Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

Post by Ivor Pinkun » 13 Sep 2017 12:58

Nice decks the PT1's!

I would expect it to sound better than a TD160. Maybe the arm you have on the 160 is better than the LVV on the PT?

Rega arms work nicely on the PT and can of course be found at a reasonable price. Any of the RB series should sound better than an LVV. You will need to get a different arm board to accommodate it though. I'd go that route first as changing the cartridge for a better one can always follow later.

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Re: Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

Post by abril » 13 Sep 2017 15:32

To keep all comments in one place

Would suggest you look seriously at the Manticore
Don't worry about hard wiring it if the cable is routed right,should be OK.

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Re: Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

Post by worldofsteve » 12 Oct 2017 12:16

Hi, I'm old enough to have sold the original PT alongside the TD160 and IMO the PT is faster, less coloured an all round better deck, I'd agree the Rega arms work well 250/300, I've just had the Origin Live mods done to mine and am very happy with the results. The Regas have no arm height adjustment so cartridge choice can be an issue but they're dead easy to fit.

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Re: Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

Post by djh1697 » 28 Oct 2017 21:58

I purchased my PT1 second hand in 1985, I believe the original owner got it in 1981/82 from WA Brady in Liverpool, it was fitted with an ADC LMF1 tonearm. I upgraded this to a Rega RB300 in the late 1990's, along with a funk firm achromat. In 2015 I took my turntable to peter @ #cymbiosis for a service and an arm upgrade. The arm was sent to Audio Origami for a rewire, replacement bearing and a foam fill. When it was returned I did an AB comparison with the LP12 majik, my PT was far superior in many respects. I believe that the Linn armboard is suitable for the Rega

I would strongly recommend that you only take it to a dealer who has experience with PT turntables. If damage is made to your turntable (such as a spring breakage) it might not be possible to obtain spare parts. My lid is looking very tired these days, but obtaining a decent replacement, at an affordable price, is difficult.

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Re: Pt1 tonearm upgrade suggestions please

Post by tim_bissell » 28 Oct 2017 23:03

The Linn and Rega arm mountings are different, and require different armboards. Funk may be able to supply them (might be worth a call) or I can make them if necessary.
Funk also make a range of tonearms, any one of which would be a big step up from the Basik. Rega arms are quite popular, but the standard arm cables are stiff and thick, and not very good for the suspension of the PT, so may need a change. Rega derivatives such as the Michell Technoarm and Audiomods series also have their PT afficionados.
Finally (from me) the Helius Scorpio 4 is also one I have enjoyed on my PT, and I have a soft spot for my Helius serviced, silver wired Orion, which is towards the top end of weights suitable for a PT (about 700g)

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