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Funk Firm Help needed

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Funk Firm Help needed

Postby Bugler » 19 Dec 2016 08:03

My son just gave me a Funk Firm turntable that I can't really identify. It looks like a vector but only has a single pulley (on the motor). I believe I have accurately identified the tonearm as a Rega RB250S with Michell Tecnoweight. It includes the two different size "hung" weights. It has also been modified with Litz wiring by the original owner (friend of my sons). This is my first belt drive since my Thorens TD-160 that I bought new in the 70's and sold in the 80's. Since the mid 80's I've been using a ReVox B795 direct drive linear tracker and a JVC QL-F4 (also direct drive) when I want the ability of interchangeable headshells.

First question. This Funk Firm platter has very low torque. It's running of a 9vdc wallwart. Is this normal? I will say the clarity and soundfield are awesome.

Second question. The springy feet are somewhat wiggly. Is this normal.

Third question. Based on attached photo, what exactly is it?

Fourth question. Any end of side lift options other than Q-up?

I'm sure I'll have more questions down the road.

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Re: Funk Firm Help needed

Postby markcass » 19 Dec 2016 11:12


Looks like the original Funk turntable: when their first decks came out, there was a non-Vector Drive version and the Vector V (IIRC), which had the extra pulleys.

I've never used one of these, but I should think the low torque is normal, as it uses a small DC motor.

I think the wobbly feet are designed that way!

The only other end-of-side options I can think of would be second-hand/NOS ones, such as the Audio Technica Safety Raiser.


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Re: Funk Firm Help needed

Postby abril » 19 Dec 2016 18:56

I once had a Vector with the extra pulleys, the motor is very low torque and very quiet.
The feet are wobbly and when I had mine it was supplied with O rings for the surface the feet sit on.
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Re: Funk Firm Help needed

Postby mickb69 » 14 Jan 2017 16:23

Yeah, definitely pre-vector funk,
As said, these motors are very low torque, mine stops when I'm trying to brush the dust of a record.

If you're not happy with the feet, they have an upgrade which is a very nice brushed nickel type of thing, looks "proper, and each one is height adjustable, which is a godsend for quick and easy levelling of the turntable.

You'd be mad not to upgrade it to the vector pulley system, it's genius, and wouldn't be a big job.

Oh, about your voltage, it's worth checking with Arthur k what voltage your model should be running on,
I had a nightmare with mine (second hand) all sorts of power failure issues that in the end turned out to be caused by the fact that it came with some shonky 6v adaptor, it is supposed to run on 12v, and the previous owner must have lost/broken the original and just chucked that in
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