Thin sound from Pink Triangle and re-wired RB300

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Re: Thin sound from Pink Triangle and re-wired RB300

Post by PinkTrichard » 08 Jul 2016 13:48

If the penny worked - great result
I'm a bit surprised. I used a 1042 with a mission 774 and with a Funk F5 and with a Funk FXR and had no issues at all. Great little cartridge. All those arms allow precise VTA setup.
I've used a coin before but not to tune the sound - rather to improve tracking stability. If the arm cartridge resonance is too high then that can in theory muddy the extreme bass, and harmonics above but you are talking about a sub 20Hz system resonance, and most modest real systems roll off more than 6db by 50Hz.
As an aside although I have Pip2 and AHB2 amplification now, in the early years I used a NAD 3020, and still have 1 I use in my office / studio. I think its a great little amp - but a long way out of its depth in terms of what the record player is capable of.

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Re: Thin sound from Pink Triangle and re-wired RB300

Post by djh1697 » 27 Sep 2016 23:44

I have a PT1 with an RB300 arm, in need of a rewire. I would suggest that your NAD amplifier is in need of an upgrade. The NAD 3020 was popular with the Dual 505 and also the NAD turntable, which to be honest are no where near as good as your LPT. I use a Naim Stageline, 112X/Flatcap and 150 for amplification. Probably a little too much for the LPT, take your LPT to a shop for some demonstrations. Prior to my Naim purchase I used a Mission Cyrus one for amplification, excellent phono stage but lousy for CD/digital playback. This is not my Cyrus One, but there is a beautiful early model on eBay. ... EBIDX%3AIT
The Cambridge Audio phono stage is ok, not as good as the Cyrus One, if you are near a Richer sounds branch you could always purchase one, try it, and take it back for a refund if you are not happy? I found the CA as good as the Rega Phono. ... mb-cp2-blk
Don't forget you need a good quality phono lead to connect your NAD to the phono stage, also do not use the NAD phono input!! I would not recommend putting coins on your tonearm, you have to be careful placing centrally, also your arm need rebalancing and tracking weight adjusted or you will ruin your stylus.

If you are in the Midlands, then I would suggest booking an appointment with Cymbiosis to have your turntable checked/serviced. Peter has a reputation for servicing LP12's, however, his first turntable was a Pink Triangle, until he learn't to like the Linn sound ;)

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Re: Thin sound from Pink Triangle and re-wired RB300

Post by cats squirrel » 28 Sep 2016 00:49

I have used a 1042 (and a 1040) on a Rega 250 with s/s stub and balance weight and thought the combination to be very good. I don't think it is a compatibility problem.

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Re: Thin sound from Pink Triangle and re-wired RB300

Post by limono » 01 Feb 2017 16:23

Aren't Audio Note IQ1-3 carts based on Goldring and used to be paired with their Rega based 1-3 arms? There should not be any compatibility issues with the pairing.