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What on Earth is this?

Posted: 04 Feb 2016 13:41
by kitemap

It's listed as a Pink Triangle and has an original Pink Triangle box but I'm sure it's a PT Too.
No triangular switch to control the speed, external power supply, motor pulley at 7.00pm and possibly wrong arm board.



Re: What on Earth is this?

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 16:05
by P700DEE
Already posted earlier ;) The informed opinion is that it is a PT1 upgraded to PTOO,
I have a very similar one but mines fitted with a zeta. The one picture has it's arm board loose.

Re: What on Earth is this?

Posted: 27 Feb 2016 16:04
by Abandonflip
Almost certainly a PT converted to Too - a lot of them were quite early on.

Armboard is Linn (rather than the more normal 'pseudo-Linn' 6 bolt layout) and seeing it has a hole it the top plate for an armrest, it may well have been carrying an Ittok at some point.