PT for sale on the bay.

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PT for sale on the bay.

Post by Cloudbase » 01 Feb 2016 21:06

Hello everyone, recently joined the forum. Being a bit of a Pink Triangle man so to speak I thought id post on this part of the forum.
Noticed what looks like an original PT 1 if I'm correct for sale on ebay (UK) with about 3 days left. No bids , sat at £250.

Actually edit that a PT too ?? hasn't got the triangular switch on closer inspection.

Cheers ... Alan

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Re: PT for sale on the bay.

Post by tim_bissell » 01 Feb 2016 23:22

Looking at the badge I would say it is probably an early PT1, factory upgraded to a PT TOO.

But never mind that; there are two battery-powered Anniversaries up at the same time... common as muck!

Mind you; mine might be up if I could get £2000 for it!

-- Tim

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