PT One power supply

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Re: PT One power supply

Post by PinkTrichard » 08 Jul 2016 13:30

Yes - I'm in France. Waiting for my heavily modified PT 1 to come out. If you are interested in getting a quick idea of the improvement possible from a decent power supply - a PP3 battery will give you a few LP's worth.

I have just managed to prepare a wall for installing a turntable shelf. I have a "suitable" outside wall - apparantly 30cm or more thick. When I drilled a hole I found just plasterboard. It appeared to be fixed without battens 100mm clear of anything solid (prodding with a barbeque skewer). In fact, as I discovered when I came to cut out a section of plaster with a view to putting a wooden frame behind, it is a block wall, with 100mm of polystyrene stuck to that and the internal plasterboard glued to that. It makes for great insulation, and really nice listening room "feel" - but a pita when it comes to mounting a solid turntable shelf.

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Re: PT One power supply

Post by Capt Zach » 21 Aug 2016 17:42

I'd be happy to help draw up a board that we could produce a small batch from. It could be made to fit in a small case like Funk Firm and Origin Live use, and have an integrated PSU and transformer on board. Why not model it after the early Anni controller, like the early PT1 supply but with better regulation. There are already lots of pics of the conttoller in the gallery. If someone could supply an underside shot with the traces visible I could work from that.