Can anyone help with a Pink Triangle speed problem?

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Can anyone help with a Pink Triangle speed problem?

Post by jahknob » 13 Nov 2019 18:53

Wondering if there might be a PT/Funk "expert" out there, ideally around London, who makes house calls..? I'm not a technical person at all - don't do arm/cartridge set up, can just about manage to get the belt on if it falls off...

I've had a PTToo since the late 1980s, though it has been through a full Funk Anniversary upgrade some years ago (with the three pulley wheels and separate PSU).
Funk PSU for PTToo Anniversary Upgrade
(314.19 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
The turntable spent many years in storage and was set up and installed again about four years ago. My local hifi shop gave it a service and set it up, but things are not quite right.

Certainly, the speed control seems to be an issue - I can't get 33 rpm to adjust (via one of the two small screwdriver access holes in the PSU) up to the correct speed - it's always running too slow (compared to the same thing played on CD). If the turntable had had more use, I might have suspected that the belt had stretched? The platter does take a long time to get up to speed... Or maybe it's the use of a carbon brush on the vinyl that causes the platter to slow down and contributes to the belt stretching?

There are also issues with the arm/cartridge (e.g. one album of solo piano music that I have is unlistenable due to distortion and I cannot believe that this is a pressing fault of some sort).

I don't really want to pack it all up and send it off to the other end of the country for inspection and repair. I was wondering if there are any engineers, installers, aficionados or experts in the trade, based in or around London (North) who can make a paid house call to at least diagnose (and hopefully cure) whatever is causing these problems?

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


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Re: Can anyone help with a Pink Triangle speed problem?

Post by Cloudbase » 14 Nov 2019 10:06


I would try to eliminate problems in a certain order if it were me. Im not sure how much use the TT has had recently (as in the last 12-18 months) So....
First give the belt a good inspection and if it seems anything but AOK replace for a new one.

Second open up the PSU and see if its possible to give the speed control pots a spray with something like Deoxit contact cleaner.

Third Check the motor spins freely and maybe give it a tiny drop of light oil to try and lube the motor bearings but only a drop should suffice.

Once all this is done, print off a strobe if you don't have one from this site, get hold of an incandescent lamp (not an LED type) and see what the platter is actually doing. If the pots are now working you may need to set the speed up taking into account the drag the stylus would produce if a record is on the platter. I have my own method for this but obviously I have no idea how your PSU copes with stylus drag.

See how it goes.

... Alan

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Re: Can anyone help with a Pink Triangle speed problem?

Post by wine man » 14 Nov 2019 18:59

Possible causes of the distortion..
1: stylus needs cleaning? A friend of mine has my old PT2 and gave me the stylus to check recently as it sounded poor. I gave it a clean with Stylast and he says it is fine now.
2: If the cartridge/stylus has had a few years use the cantilever suspension may have worsened, this makes tracking more difficult.
3: An outside bet but the arm bearings may be worn or snagging on the internal cables.

As Cloudbase said a new belt is a possibility.. my Anniversary was very slow to start up earlier this year though speed was ok once it got there. However a new belt cured this and start up is now very quick.

Hope that helps, good luck.

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