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Noise coming from my speakers

Posted: 21 Oct 2018 03:51
by vintagesam
Hello---- I have a pair of Coral Speaker made in Japan 1968 .
The sound coming from them seems to be fine, but I'm experiencing a " crackling" noise when playing a 33 vinyl LP.
I recently purchased a Sansui 2000 amp.(also a late 60s model from repair shop). The repair guy thinks the noise could be dirt or dust that accumulated in the receiver , as it had been sitting on his shelf for some time before I bought it He said he would clean it out for me, and that might do the trick.
However my concerned is that it may be the speakers ? Hopefully it's not the turntable. yuk
I'm just getting back into spinning vinyl , and I'm finding it a bit frustrating getting this old stuff to work right .
Any suggestions as to what may be causing the crackling noise. ? thanks

Re: Noise coming from my speakers

Posted: 21 Oct 2018 04:01
by Spinner45
You'll get tons of "speculation" regarding noises.....
It could be:
*Dirt in the record grooves.
*Noisy transistors in the phono preamp.
*Corrosion on switch contacts.
*Noisy resistors in the signal chain.
Take it in, have it checked.

Re: Noise coming from my speakers

Posted: 21 Oct 2018 08:31
by abril
Unless you are prepared to do a little work to isolate the guilty party then all the answers will be pure speculation.
First of all the obvious first step is headphones - any noise????

Reply to question about noise coming from my Coral speaker

Posted: 06 Nov 2018 01:36
by vintagesam
Hi, this is a follow up--- regarding noise coming from my speakers.
I suspect it's a bad woffer in one just one speaker ----
The Corals I own have sealed fronts. So I need to get in through the back
Parts express sells a replacement cone woofer for a decent price.
--- I'm wondering if it's difficult to replacement the speakers... Is there any polarity thing with the wire set up that I need to consider .
More importantly once I have the back open are " the metal mounting studs a permanent part on the cabinet, so all I need to do is slide the old one off and the new one on . I can't seem to picture that part
I have never attempted this before and the arrangement of how to get it off and on confuses me . thanks