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Does anyone know why my Speed Box II has burnt ?


Re: Does anyone know why my Speed Box II has burnt ?

Postby Uskoke » 18 Dec 2011 19:13

In this photo, you can see a switch, by means of I can turn off my turntable power supply (Pro-ject Debut III with stock PS), and when I'm not listening I turn it off immediately. I have mounted the 2 supplies (Turntable abd pre-amp) on a separate power strip, which then is swithced off by this switch. The other switch which is on the right is for the tuner (which I use once a week so normally is turned off).
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Re: Does anyone know why my Speed Box II has burnt ?

Postby besteffe » 02 Feb 2012 04:48


I bought a Pro-ject Debut III USB and a Speed Box II. After about a week the Speed Box failed. The lights on the front panel would light up but the turntable platter would not spin. If I unhooked the Speed Box and ran the turntable without it the turntable worked fine. I sent it back to my retailer and they sent a replacement. After about 4 days the Speed Box failed again. Same symptoms, lights would come on but the turntable platter would not spin. I talked to my retailer and they contacted Pro-Ject and they said it had to be the motor in my turntable causing the problem. The retailer sent me a replacement Debut III USB turntable and a third(!) replacement Speed Box II. I hooked everything up last night and it worked fine. I come home from work today and the Speed Box is dead. The lights come on but the turntable platter will not spin. Also, I too have always put the Speed Box in standby mode after I'm done playing records.I'm going to contact my retailer tomorrow to see what he says but I think I am done with Pro-Ject/Sumiko components. Let me know how your story ends.

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Re: Does anyone know why my Speed Box II has burnt ?

Postby mathiask » 28 Feb 2012 15:20


Damn', your story is exactly the same as mine. Pro-ject told my retailer it has to be the motor of the turntable too. I understand why it could be the problem, in physical and electrical terms (the turntable motor would ask too much intensity to the speed box, which burns in consequence), but what I don't understand is that, in both cases (yours and mine) the speed box failed when the turntable is off. So, when no voltage is delivered to the turntable and no intensity is sought by the motor. You see what I mean ? I'm not sure if I'm very clear...

So I have my doubts about Pro-ject explanations.

And a turntable shop has taken a look on my turntable and everything seems to be fine, they said.

Another explanation I've been told on a french forum is that when people in a block or a neighbourhood turn their lights off and go to bed, the electrical voltage cominq in your own house is increasing. Less global demand makes a higher individual voltage (tell me if this explanation is not clear enough, it's not easy to a french guy to explain that kind of things !). Could be a solution, but it is impossible to verify and/or prove.

And, if the motor is really the origin of the problem, I really really really wonder how comes that Pro-ject built defective motors that burns pieces of equipments they sell. Building stable electrical equipments is something pretty easy in the world of electronic devices, so I don't understand.

I asked myself if it has something to do with the fact it is not a simple Debut III but a Debut III USB. Bu I don't see why this should be a problem, because in both cases (Debut III and DEbut III USB) it is driven by 16V voltage.

As far as I'm concerned, my story hasn't come to an end yet because the retailer is very slow taking care of the problem. I asked for a simple refund because it's too long (in total, it has been since last september I bought this speed box which is always dysfunctionning). I'll let you know. If you can keep me i touch too, it would be cool !

Best regards. I'll give you some news soon.
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Re: Does anyone know why my Speed Box II has burnt ?

Postby vash420 » 29 Apr 2012 08:15

Hi Mathias, just wondering if you've had a response from the retailer? I have a Debut Mk3 that's around 7 years old and I had issues when the Speed Box I was attached. It was also running hot (the Speed Box), and when trying to switch on the turntable at 45rpm I get the following behaviour (no platter attached, just the motor spinning on it's own:

It would eventually spin, but just be sluggish on startup at times. Without the box, it's absolutely fine.

I've ordered a new Speed Box II to see if that helps. The original had been left on for years!
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Re: Does anyone know why my Speed Box II has burnt ?

Postby hzlrbbt » 17 Dec 2013 13:12

sorry to revive an old thread, but i think i have the same issue and this is all google had for me!

i have a project debut II that's about 6 years old and i have intermittently had a problem where both the 33/45 lights have been lit on the speed box, and the turntable wouldn't move. if i cycled the power a few times it tended to work, but now i can't even get that to work any more.

i'd previously assumed it was a dodgy power supply, but it sounds like my speed box has burnt out? i'd buy a new speed box but the cheapest (the speedbox s) is £99, and it seems overkill when the whole system only cost me £150-ish. it almost seems like i'd be better off getting an entirely new system, but then i'm not likely to get something as good for the money, but i'm reticent to give project any more money now!

so, i was wondering if anyone had any experience with the speed box S - is it more reliable than the green/red LED speed box that came with the debuts? or should i just give up and get a new entry-level system from another manufacturer?
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