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Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 19 Feb 2019 15:55
by JoeE SP9
I started using 3 x 5 file cards (1978) when my collection was only several hundred. I knew it would only get larger and I'd need some way to keep track of what I had. When I got my first PC I moved my cards to PFS First Choice. It's a flat file database much like the 3 x 5 cards. Switching to a full relational DB (Access) was a major step.

With a relational database you can look up and/or list anything in the DB. For instance, I can look up and list every selection that's exactly 3 minutes long, list every 6 Eye LP or list only mono recordings. As long as the data is in the DB it can be searched for and listed. When properly implemented only one DB is necessary.

I still have the original copy of MS Access I purchased. It's in a box with a printed manual and both 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" floppies. At the time Lotus Word Pro was my word processor. I moved to MS Office around the third iteration.

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 20 Feb 2019 00:56
by DasherF
vm...I 'd been at the P2P since I had just Beatles LPs in high school...1 loose leaf binder with a single 4-entry page...Introducing, Meet, 2nd Album and A Hard Days Night...stopped doing it for awhile, tried to catch up and quit at Stephen Stills' Right By You, around 10xx.
Heard about the DBs when we got the first PC...knew it'd be time consuming...mehbeh somedeh...never too late.

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 20 Feb 2019 03:43
by vinyl master
Remember...If it's worth doing to you, it's worth doing!

In my case, I tried the free version of OrangeCD for a month, and entered so much data in that month, I realized the value of just buying the program outright, so I could keep on going with it...So, I just purchased the license key and have continued on with the cataloguing from Day One...If anyone is interested, the cost was reasonable and there are more details here...

There is also a great forum where the creator Andrei is usually very helpful, adding new tweaks when he can...

Don't be like me and wait! [-X I waited too long before doing an inventory and now, it's one of the best things I did for my collection! =D> If you have a lot of record albums, I seriously recommend a good organization system...Whether it's a software program like mine, another software program, a home Excel spreadsheet or even a notebook of entries, having some sort of way to tabulate your collection is imperative for keeping your sanity...

Like I said, in my case, it was worth doing! My only regret is that I didn't start doing it sooner! #-o

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 20 Feb 2019 18:44
by JoeE SP9
When vm says don't wait, we are on the same page. If you continue to collect recordings sooner or later you'll need some means of keeping track of what you have. Get a true database such as OrangeCD. If your savvy with VB and Access Basic you can write your own. Those who are lazy and/or cheap can use discogs to catalog their collection.

I know that many set up a spreadsheet for DB work. Any spreadsheet program is woefully inadequate for cataloging anything. Spreadsheets are for manipulating numbers not alphabetic data. Those who have a music server loaded with files and use any of the available player programs are using a database. All the selections are in a purpose built database.

vm: Rather than have a bunch of different databases OrangeCD has a single DB with multiple ways of accessing the data. With multiple databases you would need to separately enter data for each database. What you're using to list whatever is (in DB terms) called a report.

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 21 Feb 2019 01:50
by vinyl master
JoeE SP9 wrote:
20 Feb 2019 18:44
When vm says don't wait, we are on the same page.
I agree with you, Joe...I regret buying all those albums many years ago without listing them somewhere and because I eventually forgot about ones I owned, I bought double and sometimes triple copies of the same albums after awhile...That all changed once I inventoried everything...Now, I just buy duplicates if a.) I'm gifting away a copy, b.) the record is so rare I might never see another, even though I might have one, or c.) I'm upgrading to a copy in better condition...
JoeE SP9 wrote:
20 Feb 2019 18:44

vm: Rather than have a bunch of different databases OrangeCD has a single DB with multiple ways of accessing the data. With multiple databases you would need to separately enter data for each database. What you're using to list whatever is (in DB terms) called a report.
Hey, Joe...Wanna know the reason I have more than one database? Well, the way my mind works is that I tend to compartmentalize a lot of things in my head...There are so many records I have to break them down into categories...I could put it all in one database, but finding records that way (for me) would be like finding a needle in a least for me...For example, I have all my 45's separate from my LP's...My sheet music even has a database...I kinda tweaked the program a bit for the DVD's, VHS tapes and books, too...Even my equipment is catalogued in a way...It's not JUST the music I've catalogued...When making a playlist or searching for info, it's also nice to know that all my soul records are in one place, my pop records are in one place, my jazz records are in one place, etc. so I can find what I need...I've even sub-divided things further, as with all my cassette singles and 8-tracks...The pop is even sub-divided into separate databases for indie pop, power pop, sunshine pop and 50's pop, among other subgenres...If you don't like too many genres of music or don't have many records, you can probably get away with one database...I'm not saying it's necessary, either, if you can find any album without trouble...In my case, I just needed it to coincide with the way my brain works...And the way my shelves and boxes are organized...And it helps when I'm compiling playlists to be able to look at all the songs I have in any specific genre...I can create my own themed genre-specific mixtapes from looking over each database...Some albums may be hard to categorize, too, but I always find a way to put a "label" on each one that helps me remember where it is and in which database I listed it...I just like having things in a certain order, just in case I forget, but I guess I'm a bit anal that way... 8-[

It's an odd way I do things, but there is always a method to my madness and works for me! :wink:

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 21 Feb 2019 22:22
by JoeE SP9
When using a database you can tell it to search and list by any data that's there. Telling a database program to list by "whatever" is not creating a new database. It's simply what's known as a report. If you were actually using separate databases you would need to enter separate data for each one.

For instance: Having a database list all one's R&B from 1978 is not creating a new database. It's just a report.

Unless you're entering separate data for each "database" you do not have multiple databases.

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 22 Feb 2019 01:20
by vinyl master
Actually, with my program, I can create "new" databases by going to the drop-down menu, clicking on the highlighted section and starting new ones...


It may be a little unwieldy for some, and it's all a part of the same catalog...I guess you might call them "sub-databases", but they're all grouped into one folder on my computer...I don't actually keep all the records in one long list, which can be tricky at times...It's still a work in progress that I may tweak more at some point...Eventually, that may change and I have various back-ups, so that none of my work is really lost...I can also import and export data...Everything is divided into categories and much of my work has been entered manually with a little help from Amazon, Discogs and sometimes, Freedb...The only thing I can say is if anyone is interested, try the program and play around with the various features, so you can see what you can do with it...The creator Andrei has added new features over time and there have been various versions and revisions of things...The actual Orange CD program seems to always be a work in progress, but one can always try out the latest beta versions as they come without losing any work entered using any previous versions of the software...

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 24 Feb 2019 03:48
by vinyl master
Well, I went into another local store today, a musical instrument store I've visited in the past and came away with a few more records I didn't have before, except for a couple...For $30, I came away with the following 12 LP's...

1. DIONNE WARWICK Finder Of Lost Loves (As a Stevie Wonder fan, she duets with him twice on this album, like on this one... )
2. ATLANTIC STARR Brilliance
3. THE 5TH DIMENSION Soul & Inspiration (I have a great copy of this, but I never pass up a decent copy, esp. if it's only $2.00!)
4. LEROY HUTSON Paradise
5. DAVID RUFFIN Who I Am (This features one of my favorite David Ruffin tunes... ...It's great, but have you heard the rocksteady version? :-k )
6. LABELLE Nightbirds
7. KATALENIC-KWEK BAND Morning Sun (Taking a chance on this local band...Sounds like it's right up my fusion alley, too! )
8. TOM LEHRER An Evening With Tom Lehrer
9. TUBES The Complete Backward Principle
10. BILLY PRESTON A Whole New Thing (Good funky stuff from the man once known in certain circles as "The 5th Beatle"... ...He is actually (aside from Tony Sheridan) the only artist to receive joint credit on a Beatles single (for playing on "Get Back")...)
11. NANCY WILSON Yesterday's Love Songs - Today's Blues
12. HARPERS BIZARRE Feelin' Groovy

Not a bad haul for the cost and some more good soul and jazz to dig, with a little pop and comedy thrown in for good measure!

Then, I hopped into the nearby thrift shop I go to (where I saw that Pioneer and those Magnepan speakers) and picked up these for 50 cents apiece...

13. VARIOUS ARTISTS The Gang's All Here Soundtrack
14. VARIOUS ARTISTS The Glenn Miller Story
15. SANDY NELSON Groovy (Bought it for the cover again...)
16. THE JOHNNY MANN SINGERS Don't Look Back (The title track is a Temptations cover...)
17. VARIOUS ARTISTS (JIMMY MCGRIFF, THAD JONES, MEL LEWIS, ETC.) Solid State: You've Got To Hear It To Believe IT!!

and then, two that looked 80's, but I know nothing about them...If all else fails, they were 50 cents and I can pass them on to someone who can appreciate them more...

18. THE GODFATHERS Birth School Work Death
19. GUADALCANAL DIARY Jamboree (These guys sound similar to R.E.M... :-k)

I also bought a CD of early Paul Simon music...Take a listen to this...Sounds like a hit to me! :D

I also picked up some cherry original Cadence label 45's for The Everly Brothers' "Wake Up Little Susie" and "All I Have To Do Is Dream"...10 cents each, as well and they'll clean up good! I never know what I'm gonna find and I can't really complain at the prices I find these things...As I like to say often, if it's fun, cheap and you're learning something new, why not? If you're not hurting anyone, a little happiness in this sad world can sometimes be a good thing to lift your spirits...My personal thought is...If it's not fun and/or enjoyable, why do it??? :-k

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 24 Feb 2019 04:51
by DasherF
So true, vm! That's my "policy" as well.
I'm looking forward to going to a store to cash in on their $1/$2 bin... they're usually well stocked with good condition (VG/VG+) issues of reasonably well known titles and artists....the famliy's outta town, so, tho I could take the bus, it'd be easier to take the "haul" home in a car...soon, Dasher, soon!
Speaking of haul, nice grabs, v! You had fun!
Oh by the back... you were in an instrument store? See any cool guitars? 8) :lol:

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 24 Feb 2019 05:58
by vinyl master
Plenty, Dasher...Not that I was in the mood to buy one, but maybe one day... :-k

The store I visited was a place that I knew had some records, so I thought I'd go back and check out the selection again...Turns out they've been re-stocking the bins from time to time...Those $1-2 bins can yield some interesting gold, if you know what to look for! You should get out there any which way you can and see what you can find...If you do find some great budget grabs, make sure to share them here, OK? :-k

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 27 Feb 2019 12:53
by DasherF
The only reason I was asking was that as an aspiring "rockstar" I played many a party/bar band between the '70s and ' you've said, (paraphrasing) "please send pics!" :D
That one on your antique store visit last year was intriguing.

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 08 Mar 2019 06:44
by vinyl master
Well, my friends...I thought I would share a few more finds...While I already mentioned a few dollar finds on this thread during my latest adventure...


...I also wanted to add a few more local thrift store finds...

I bought this one for the cover again...


Same with this one...


Don't know anything about Ray Rivera, but I automatically gravitate towards anything that says "The Now Sound" on it...


Due to the recent passing of Andre Previn, I thought I'd pick this one up, too...


I do like soundtracks, so I thought I'd add this one, too...


And then, I've never actually listened to Pat Boone's take on R&B, since I always just listened to the original doo-wop tunes and rock songs, but I picked this up...


People would talk about listening to Pat Boone when their parents were around and then, turning on Little Richard or some station out of Memphis at night and hearing blues and R&B...I was curious about Pat's "sugar-coated" versions and wasn't gonna argue with a few cents...

On other fronts, though, I may have another contender for oldest records in the collection now...At first, it was this one from 1910...


But now...I wanted to thank my good friend, Big B, for sending off my very FIRST Edison Diamond Discs, sandwiched between a great Nat "King" Cole 78' I'd been looking for... =D> Take a look at these, too...


I did a little research and it looks like the "Beautiful Ohio" disc with the Metropolitan Quartet dates from 1919 and the Mike Speciale & His Hotel Carlton Terrace Orchestra disc comes from the 1920's...Really cool and it's another format I can cross off my list now! Thanks again, my friend! :D

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 08 Mar 2019 07:16
by Big B5515
Your welcome, and I'm glad I could help.
PS. if the cylinder is blue, it was made after 1912 from the early style mold. The earlier 4 minute ones were made of fragile black wax, and before that, there were 2 minute black wax. Add the purple amberol, early 2 minute style, and later 4 minute blue, you have at least 5 more cylinder variations with just standard size Edison post 1900 . One of each type record could easily get out of control....

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 02:21
by Thomajon
What's a budget? Lol

I really do need to go do some thrifting.

Re: Budget record collecting

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 04:56
by vinyl master
Thomajon wrote:
21 Mar 2019 02:21
What's a budget? Lol

I really do need to go do some thrifting.
Where are you at in Indiana, Thomajon? I could give you a list of places worth checking out, if you were interested...For example, are you anywhere near Orbit Music in Mishawaka? I've bought quite a few records online from them in the past...

In any case, when I say budget record collecting, I'm talking about records from the dollar bins, the 25-50 cent "throwaway" finds you might see at the thrift stores...Heck, at one of my thrift stores, I've even paid 10 cents a record! You can also get some higher-priced items for cheaper on special sale days...The key is to find out what sales YOUR local thrift store is doing, using any coupons when you can, etc. You can even find records for cheap on Craigslist and at antique stores, antique malls, bookstores and flea markets...You just have to know where to look...I have done ALL OF THAT, and I've had a lot of fun in the process! I will warn you, though...You might not find everything you're looking for thrifting, but it's that one time or two times you find something REALLY GOOD that makes the hunt worth it! :D Take it from someone who KNOWS what that's like! :wink: