Off center records driving me crazy!

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Re: Off center records driving me crazy!

Post by fluteboy » 01 Mar 2019 14:47

This arrived in the post today, and while the B-side is fine, the A-side is annoyingly off-centre. :evil:
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What would be a suitable tool for enlarging that hole?

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Re: Off center records driving me crazy!!

Post by VinyldechezPierre » 02 Mar 2019 15:01

Off-center records are, it seems, from different sources, fairly common in the world of 78s and most lovers of that format I know use your way of solving the problem. Including one guy in Canada who is well known for high-quality digitizing of 78s recordings. Then again, 78s lovers have two more problems to deal with before playing a record so, not a big deal to them. :lol:
Alvabass wrote:
26 Apr 2015 04:48
Since I noticed the effect of a seriously off-centered record for the first time back in 1987, I've had absolutely no problems with that annoying situation after learning how to fix the problem myself, taking into account that, unlike many other people, I don't think that widening the spindle hole and putting some drawings on the labels ruin the records.

After eye-sighting the spot in which the spindle hole needs to be widened, I use a key to perform that task. The arrows remind me of the direction in which I must push the record against the spindle to make the grooves to spin perfectly centered. Again, many of you may consider it an assault, but I'm perfectly fine with it since it works like a charm.

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Re: Off center records driving me crazy!

Post by DasherF » 02 Mar 2019 16:15

I agreed with alvabass...I have no inclination to sell the records, unless they are below what I'd keep (found a better copy). Those I'd probably give to (example) my co-worker just getting into records (bless him...he's only 23) or donate to a thrift store to beef up the selection. Some of my "outta roundies" received the "drill-nudge" treatment. Find a bit that's about the same size as the hole and slowly run the drill into where the hole should have been. Be ginger with it...there's sometimes a printed dot where the spindle hole is (shoulda been) punched (positioned).

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Re: Off center records driving me crazy!

Post by WOF49 » 03 Mar 2019 20:16

Most of the off center problems I have seen are with large hole 45's and I have corrected the problem by making a centered small hole adapter or enlarging one side and hand centering if they are not wildly off center. I have several 78's with the center hole reamed out that I must hand center every time they are played. Seems that because of the faster speed the wow caused by being off center is more pronounced. Takes a bit, but hand centering certainly improves the listening experience.
Most of my experience with new records has been positive, but have had enough that if I buy at a store I open them on site and inspect carefully. I did purchase a 2015 RSD release 10" Steve Earle "Terraplane Blues" that was totally un-playable on the Robert Johnson side. Must say New West Records was glad to replace it with a new copy with only an email and exchange. Think it took less than 2 weeks. It was worth the wait.


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Re: Off center records driving me crazy!

Post by mihai_rtr » 12 Apr 2019 14:45

Hello all,

Please see my post on a similar thread, let me know what you think and if it might be of interest to you. Cheers :) ... 75#p969175