Did you buy any Vinyl today?

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Post by davidsss » 11 Aug 2006 10:08

Just found a copy of the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Mobile Fidelity Labs half Speed Master recording - can't wait to clean it and have a listen. My original copy is a bit knackered so this should be good. Sticky Fingers has to be one of their best albums if not the best.


Gatto Murr
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Post by Gatto Murr » 14 Aug 2006 19:53

Last buys on Ebay:

- Miles Davis, "Sketches of Spain"

- Dave Brubeck Quartet, "Time Out"

- Stan Getz & Charlie Bird, "Jazz Samba"

- Stan Getz & J.J.Johnson at the Opera House

- T-Bone Walker, "Stormy Monday Blues"

(some cd's as well... :oops: )

regards, Piero

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Post by Jagged » 18 Aug 2006 22:07

The Kinks: "Live at Kelvin Hall"
The Kinks: "One for the Road"
Naz Nomad & the Nightmares: "Give Daddy the Knife Cindy"
Abba: "Gold"
and a signed copy of "Ramones".

Blue Angel
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vinyl addict
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Did you buy any Vinyl today?

Post by Blue Angel » 19 Aug 2006 01:11

Yes, I shouldn't have but I did! A bit old fashioned but what the heck: Mint mint The Shadows 20 Golden Greats (EMTV 3) and Dance with the Shadows on a Columbia and on the back 'Record Manufactured by EMI South Africa.

These just came into my usual charity shop and were still unpriced by the old dears. Price paid? About a bob UK each.


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Post by Piglit'n'rolf » 25 Sep 2006 20:22

Actually bought quite a bit over the last couple of days - nothing suprising in that. Reddingtons, an iconic Birmingham record shop that people either loved or hated, has finally closed it's doors. Here are some highlights that I picked up from its giveaway sale.

Quite a few here I could do with some information on....


Shelly Manne and Friends Modern Jazz Performances of songs from My Fair Lady (Vogue)
The Mastersounds The King and I, A Jazz Interpretation (Vogue) This, of course, features Monk and Buddy Montgomery. Love anything on Vogue, and “jazz interpretations" are always good for a giggle. This turns out to be a bit sedate.
Cleo Laine Soliloquy (Fontana) Awesome. Startlingly modern.
Gloria Lynne Intimate Moments (Fontana) A new name to me, very smooth and soulful vocal.
Shorty Rogers The Fourth Dimension in Sound (Warners) Part of the Warners Workshop series; “a musical experiment in the adaptation of instruments to modern electronics”. Playing this while updating these notes. Not very experimental yet.
Duke Ellington Peer Gynt/Suite Thursday (CBS)
Dave Brubeck and Gerry Mulligan Last Set at Newport (Black Lion) Take Five stretched out nearly 10 minutes, plus a side long piece.
Stephan Grappelli/Barney Kessel I Remember Django (Black Lion) They might remember him but pity they don’t play any of his compositions on this. Nice none the less
Stephan Grappelli Just One Of Those Things (Black Lion) ’73 Montreaux set.
Harold Weiss Trommelgefluster (ECM) No idea where to file this yet. Any clues welcome. All the sleeve notes are in German. Two side long pieces of percussion with a distinct eastern feel. Interesting.
Sarah Vaughan The Devine One (Roulette Birdland)
Donna Hightower Take One (Columbia)

Plus; Mahalia Jackson, Roland Hanna, and Mel Torme and Buddy Rich.


A Man Could Get Killed, 90 Minuten nach Mitternacht, No Way To Treat a Lady, M*A*S*H, The Mission (Morricone), Mishima (Glass), Bound for Glory, Magnificent 7, New York Stories, Zachariah

Label samplers and compilations

Warners Reprise, Fruity. In a round sleeve.
Dandelion, There is some fun going forward. With Peel in the bath on the sleeve; Kevin Coyne, Bridget St. John, et al.
Island, You Can All Join In.
Elektra, New Magic in a Dusty World.
Decca, Wowie Zowie The World of Progressive Music.
CBS, Rockbuster. Soft Machine, Poco, Trees, and a severely edited version of “Miles Runs The Voodoo Down”. Oh dear.
Apollo, Apollo Compilation. Ambient sampler with Aphex Twin, et al.
Private Music, Some Music is…, Kottke, Shankar, Tangerine Dream.
CBS, Hard Travelin’. What could be an above par country compilation. Lots of songs about, well, travelin’.

Other Stuff

Bobby Gentry. Picked up four albums in all and enjoying them very much. Why have I not discovered her before! The albums are; Fancy, with Glen Campbell, Local Gentry and I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.

Plus; Joni Mitchell, Leo Kottke (x2), Buddy Guy, Steve Earle, Jean Durand (curious folk album, info needed), Vangelis, Steve Hillage (x4), String Driven Thing, Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie, Josh White (x2), Clarence Turner, Scott Walker (x2), The Skifflers, Rickie Lee Jones (x2), Jonathon Kelly, Phil Harris, Guillotine, Lowell George, Emmylou Harris (x4), Echo and the Bunnymen, Gregson and Collister (x3), Dobie Gray, Earl Grant, Thijs Van Leer, Tangerine Dream, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and the first Lyle Lovett album.

A last few bits of interest from Reddingtons

Barbara Streisand - …and other Musical Instruments (CBS) Been after this for a while. It’s reputation proceeds it.
Deben Bhattacharya Music From Israel (Argo) Happy to add to this series. Strangely a big sticker has been put on the front saying “Novelty”.
Cora Indian Festive Music (Folkways) More field recordings.
WomadTalking Book and a Benefit album, both doubles.
Michel – Muhammad Ali introduces Michel, First Flight of the Gizzelda Dragon (Camelion Music) A man with a guitar in a troubadour type style. You wouldn’t guess it from the sleeve or title. Anybody come across this guy before?
Fives Company The Ballad of Fred Pixie (Fidelity)
Chris Hillman Clear Sailin’ (Asylum) Predictable but enjoyable country rock twang from ex Byrd-man.

Plus some library stuff which has gone straight on the trade list.

From other sources

Culture International Herb (Virgin) From the backroom of a Monmouth Charity shop. Who’d of thought it?
Ella Fitzgerald Gershwin Songbook Vol 1 and 2 (Metro) Two handsome double albums, both spare so also on the trade list.

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Post by Jagged » 26 Sep 2006 02:14

Ac/Dc - For Those About to Rock.
Lightning Hopkins - Blues in my Bottle.
Petula Clark - The Best of.
The Stylistics - eponymous.
Mott the Hoople - Mott.
The Who - Who's Better Who's best. Which is a bloody awful overcompressed for CD mix but I had to have it just to be completist. (The CD actually sounds better than the vinyl, shameful!)


Post by Guest » 26 Sep 2006 08:17

While going through the stock of a new ( to me) vinyl shop, a young fella came in with a carrier bag, and i heard the name J.J.Cale mentioned, and then the shop owner saying sorry got enough stock just now, so i followed the guy out and asked to look in his bag, he had almost a complete collection of J.J`s work (7 albums) including the first 3 Naturally, Really and Okie, i gave him £10 sterling he was happy and so was i when i got home, all were practically mint :)
I had also got hold off Roy Buchanon`s first and second albums (sweet dreams) and some Stanley Jordon doing "Elenor rigby" and a stunning Michal hedges on the Wyndam hill label, along with a secret wish by propaganda, and some penguin cafe orchestra.

All in all a very good trip out, i was up late last night. 8)

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Post by Celestion » 16 Oct 2006 21:24

Did I buy any vinyl today? :lol:

1. PJ Harvey "Uh huh - her"
2. Wovenhand "Mosaic"
3. Tift Merritt: "Tambourine"
4. Sigur Ros "Be be do da la la" (or something similar)
5. Mark Kozalek (of the Red House Painters)
6. Matmos (can't remember the title either!)

Bet you guys haven't heard of any of this stuff - I'm just amazed that it's out on vinyl!!

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Post by Jagged » 17 Oct 2006 01:13

The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Killing Joke: XXV Gathering
The Zutons: Tired of Hanging Around

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Post by car67 » 17 Oct 2006 11:30

Just a couple:

Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris

Steely Dan - Gold


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Post by sparrow » 19 Oct 2006 13:16

David Bowie - Pin Ups, Young Americans, Stage, Rare Bowie, Scary Monsters.

Also David Gilmour - On an Island
Robin Trower live
Tangerine Dream - Canyon Dreams - Blue vinyl
Finally Klaus Schulze - Picture Music.

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Post by Sid Hartha » 22 Oct 2006 01:33

French, 1978 compilation. I love this band, and the track selection is great.

Blue Angel
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vinyl addict
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Did you buy any vinyl today?

Post by Blue Angel » 22 Oct 2006 15:06

Hoo Boy!

Two hours at one of the local fleamarkets in hot (and dusty) conditions and there was so much vinyl in all kinds of condition and at all kinds of prices.
Mostly for peanuts (like UKP0,25). If the guy sizes up your wallet, just walk away as 5 yards away there'll be even more and in better condition. There was so much there it looked like half of Cape Town's population dumped their records today.

I've been picky for a long time and bought very few: a mono Nat King Cole "Come Closer To Me", a double lp "Sinatra at the Sands" with Count Basie - arr Quincy Jones and a Philly Orch. Ritual Fire Dance, Ormandy playing Dance of the Hours and some other funnies.

Could be worth it to fly in here for the weekend on a vinyl package tour, get what you want, have a quick beer or two and fly out in time for work on Monday.

Other vinyl gear was pathetic as usual: One B&O 1700 with plugin mmc cart. Not bad looking but missing stylus. I checked this one out for fun and asked the dude if everything's there and working. "Oh yes, it belonged to my late auntie who was very careful"... So many "late Aunties", sooo little time...

Next up was some kind of a SP25, polished and spivvied-up like you wouldn't believe. The "head" was sadly flopped on the platter which was so buckled it surely must have been under a front end loader. "Does it have a stylus"? "Oh yes", and a gnarled greasy thumb flicks the thickest cantilever I've ever seen completely to one side. "See, this 'un will play anything as I've fixed the suspension". Must have been the very tt used to record warble tones.


Mark E Smith's Dentist
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Post by Mark E Smith's Dentist » 22 Oct 2006 19:11

Good day today. I got a Joy Division compilation called Substance, a couple of Ride records, another copy of Psychocandy by the Jesus and Mary Chain, a French copy of Anarchy In The UK by the Sex Pistols, a Johnny Cash LP and the T Rex Peel Session EP. All were a pound and all but the Sex Pistols single were close to mint.


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Post by j_nienaber » 24 Oct 2006 05:57

Hello Blue,

(Long time no speak!!)

I picked up a boxed set today, Handel's "Messiah" on an Angel label (SC-3705) - in very good condition, if I had to guess it seems like only disk 1 was ever removed from its sleeve.

I paid about $5 for it at a Salvation Army - owned store. I have never had a complete recording of this work before, but once again my lack of Opera knowledge is a problem for me... The soloists are Janet Baker, Elizabeth Harwood, Paul Esswood - and the names ring absolutely no bell for me!!

Sincerely & good to post again!
-- Jan in BC, Canada.

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