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Post by Coffee Phil » 18 Sep 2012 17:13

Hi Alec,

I hear you. It seems that more and more I need alternatives to KCSM. CJRT along with that vocal jazz station are now serving that function for me.

That is also starting to happen with our classical station. In Sacramento Sac State has Capital Public Radio. They used to have one station which is classical (KXPR) and one which was mostly jazz (KXJZ). It seems that even public radio has to bend to the demands of the market. KXJZ has gone more and more NPR and less music over the past few years. Now it has almost no music and the jazz has moved to KXPR in the evenings. That would be fine but as a jazz station I don't think much of it. It is an excellent classical station. The good news is that in the evenings KCSM has good programing.


Alec124c41 wrote:I've been listening to KCSM on iTunes. They are pretty good, too, and a good alternative when CJRT gets into a bag I'm not into.