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DSOTM by Pink Floyd, 30th Anniversary Remastered LP

Posted: 13 Jul 2004 11:23
by Paiboon Pokpoon

Has anybody here listened to a copy of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon, 30th Anniversary remastered version (made in EU)? It is a 180-gram reissued and remastered version of the legendary SHVL 804 original. Warm, detailed, and thick bass for the new version, I think...

However, I prefer and appreciate your opinions about this new version of DSOTM. Thanks.

Posted: 13 Jul 2004 12:28
by michaelwnz
I bought a copy when this was first released last April.

IMO it's as good as a UK original and much better than previous versions such as the EMI 100th Ann., various Mo-Fis etc.

The 30th sounds sweet and pure, befitting it's remastering on tube equipment. ... e_ID=11084

But the AA shootout thought otherwise. ... l&n=210946


Posted: 13 Jul 2004 14:08
by Gerard
Think I'd like to try it though.....looks good. Do you know if it is the same as the one being sold at Amazon? ... 05-9029216


Posted: 13 Jul 2004 16:22
by Minnium
Pink Floyd. What a boring music making band. I know music is very individual. What a waste of money for over rated pop! band. NO DIRECTION in their music, too much of hippy 70s man in my opinions.
Any comments? this is also goes to the Beatles lovers.

Posted: 13 Jul 2004 19:28
by JaS
LOL - I'm from the wrong generation to really appreciate them but I'm sure they deserve a little more respect than that :wink: Its kinda tame for my taste but like the Beatles its difficult not to appreciate the artristry (if not the soul) that went into the music. The Beatles made perfect pop music with nice tunes; the fact it hasn't dated well is by the by. Pink Floyd meanwhile where responsible for one of the most important advances in modern music, they took rock down a dead end road and when it hit the wall at the end Punk was born. For that alone I'm eternally grateful...


Posted: 13 Jul 2004 20:26
by Gerard
The lunatic is on grass
The lunatic is on grass
Remembering daisy chains and laughs
Got to keep the loonies on the path

The lunatic is in the hall
The lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded paper to the floor
And everyday the paper boy brings more

And if the dam breaks open many years to soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

The lunatic is in my head
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

You lock the door
And thow away the key
There's someone in my head but it's not me

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear
And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.......

Can't be that bad......Minh?


Posted: 13 Jul 2004 21:34
by RMA
While I've got to agree with Gerard, I suspect this is likely to turn into a generation conflict, which doesn't really bring anybody any further.
I think JaS has got it right.

I've just discovered that my original copy was evidently in one of the boxes that was stolen during our last move, so maybe I'm in the market for the 30 year edition as well!


Posted: 13 Jul 2004 21:36
by Steerpike_jhb
too much of hippy 70s man in my opinions
Well it WAS the 70s !
I like all their 60s ad 70s material, but gave up on them when Roger Waters left after The Final Cut.
Dark Side is still their best album (my view), and there is a DVD out with the same title, which has some interesting background info/footage; I won't suggest you buy the DVD for the sonic experience though.

Posted: 13 Jul 2004 23:06
by Minnium
I think I do have a good ears for general good musics. I believed in music should stir your soul and bones. (from Maria Callas to mordern dance music). I guess Pink Floyd does it for you gentlemen then I can't argue anymore.
Here is a story to think about.
I have a cousin, once she asked her husband to buy a BMW (series 5) car so that their car fits into their new home environment as to some of their neighbours.
Don't ever choose music for that reason. Thank you gentlmen.
Happy Vinyl.

Posted: 13 Jul 2004 23:14
by StephDale
Excellent thread guys :lol:

Just to disprove the rule; I'm the 29 year old who's just about worn out a copy of Dark Side so will certainly be getting the new one... :shock:

Now; how about a special of Atom Heart Mother? No; erm? :?

Have fun, or as Minh'sFix said: Happy Vinyl...


Posted: 14 Jul 2004 01:17
by Guest
Money, get away
Get a good job with more pay and you're O.K.
Money it's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I'll buy me a football team

Money get back
I'm all right Jack keep your hands off my stack.
Money it's a hit
Don't give me that do goody good bullshit
I'm in the hi-fidelity first class travelling set
And I think I need a Lear jet

As long as greed is rewarded, these words will never become irrelevant. The 7/8 time signature was just a bonus.

My most-listened-to copy of DSOTM is an old Columbia/Harvest U.S. pressing of no particular distinction. To me, DSOTM is not audiophile turntable fodder--it's a document of our collective history. Any old copy sounds good enough to lose oneself in the music. And yes, it definitely helps to be stoned...

I own the original MFSL reissue as well, but its "hi-fi" equalization is too annoying to compete with the beat-up Columbia, so it never gets played anymore. I should sell it to some kid with a nose ring who enjoys that sort of pain.

Posted: 14 Jul 2004 08:06
by RMA

If you're into modern dance then you want to get yourself over to the Deutsche Oper in Berlin on 2nd September for their production of "The Wall" directed and choreographed by Palucca student Mario Schröder.

It's the most powerful bit of modern dance I've seen in a long time. Curiously enough, when I saw it in April, the audience was pretty well evenly spread from early twenties to sixty+ - certainly not just the aging hippies I had expected to be in the vast majority. The music is from tape and while the accoustic was a bit problematic, at least it was loud enough!

Who knows, you might even come to regard Pink Floyd in a new light afterwards. Lanny hit the nail on the head - this, as well as DSOTM, was living history.

Posted: 14 Jul 2004 08:54
by Gerard
Living history is correct.
Very diverse.....Piper at the Gates of Dawn, DSOTM, Wish You Were Here, The Wall (Modern Opera!) The Final Cut....and amazing under rated LP....Listen to it to day in the context of world affairs and only a few names need to be changed.............

"Get your filthy hands off my desert.....!"


Posted: 14 Jul 2004 11:21
by Paiboon Pokpoon
Hi again,

I really appreciate the comments of all of you. :D

Some of you here may dislike a band like Pink Floyd. I don't think so. British rock/progressive music of the 60's and 70's fascinates me, and Pink Floyd is included in my favourite band list. I raised the topic about DSOTM because to date millions of copies of this title have been sold worldwide and many "special versions" of it have been released from time to time. IMHO, this is a true masterpiece that has pushed a British rock band to the top as a superstar.

Included in my DSOTM collection are:
- Original commercial version SHVL 804
- "Pro Use" Japanese pressing
- Commercial version by EMI/Harvest USA
- 30th Anniversary version

Listening carefully, you will find that the sound characteristics of each version are surely different. Through the eyes of many audiophiles in Thailand, the original SHVL 804 is highly acclaimed, while others may have alternative opinions. For me, I don't know which one is the best, but I am sure these versions are distinguished from one another in sonic terms. It seems to me that periodical reissues of DSOTM immortalize the name of Pink Floyd.

Nice to share opinions with you all. :)

Best regards,

Posted: 14 Jul 2004 22:04
by RMA
Inspired by the thread, I felt inspired to dig out "Wish you were here" (which did survive the move), the intro to "Shine on you crazy diamond" has got to be one of the most atmospheric intros ever - brings back wonderfull memories of "Jugendsünde"!