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Re: Signs It's Time To Replace (or not) That "Worn out" LP

Posted: 08 Jun 2019 04:04
by Gravitar8
I have developed a very effective method of cleaning my vinyl ( i buy LOTS of used vinyl ) and i love how we all have 'found' our way ...that works for us. I won't go into the nitty gritty (pun intended!) but will say for the record that Blue Dawn dish detergent is a key ingredient. Absolutely incredible results on all manner of used/dirty/worn vinyl.

Re: Signs It's Time To Replace (or not) That "Worn out" LP

Posted: 18 Jun 2019 21:25
by fscl
Just put on two of my oldest LP's acquired as a young lad, bought new, played and cared for over the years. The Doors and Jimi's "Are You Experienced ?" albums are over 50 years old now...... :shock:

Early playback was on a family console with Garrard changer, referencing in the VE library it appears to be the RC-210....... :-k IIRC, tracking was in the neighborhood of 3-5Gr..... :shock: I was very careful with my early LPs, took me a while to save up for and buy LPs on paper routes, mowing lawns and caddying...... :lol: It was very hard NOT to play them 2 in a row...... :shock: Salvation was the radio, music was exploding so didn't overdo the daily play limit..... :-k

So like
Estgn64 wrote: "I don't think I've actually worn out a record"
FTR, dead was etchings:

The Doors: EKS-74007A / EKS-74007B-1A (COL)
AYE: 30681-RS6261A-1B w/ funny flower sign @ 90deg w/ F @ 90deg / 30682 RS-6261-B 1J

As always, YRecordLifeMV.