Why do you think vinyl has come back?

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Re: Why do you think vinyl has come back?

Post by vinyl master » 07 Jun 2019 01:47

True, but when I think back to as late as the 90's, it was not uncommon to hear songs by Nirvana, Extreme, CeCe Peniston, Hanson or The Cure, for example all being played on the same airwaves...There was a little bit more variety on the radio, too...These last two decades have seen much of that variety erode on air and other outlets pop up in which kids can hear the latest and/or greatest artists...I think there may be a disconnect with some of them between what they're hearing and what they want or need to hear...They want a little more substance, feeling and emotion in their music (and consequently, maybe some feel they can get all that by listening to that music on vinyl)...Sure, the rappers sell to a certain section of the population, but even those who profess to like rap or the latest dance tunes have much more diverse playlists now because I think in part, they are craving more diversity than what most radio stations are offering...The Internet has opened things up a lot more than we realize...At the same time, what's left of the music business has become more fragmented and less inclusive...Even in the 70's, you could hear the likes of Alice Cooper, James Brown, The Spinners, Donna Summer, The Bay City Rollers, Donny Osmond, Cat Stevens, The Bee Gees, Elton John and Olivia Newton-John all on the same station, so the diversity was there...In the 50's, when stations would play blander stuff like Bing Crobsy, Patti Page or Pat Boone, kids were secretly digging Little Richard and Chuck Berry because they wanted to hear more diversity...With the kids, there has always been that rebelliousness against authority and against being force-fed what their parents wanted to hear or wanted them to listen to...Of course, the baby boomers were the ones that finally bucked the establishment for good...There was a lot of sex, drukqs and rock n' roll back in the late 60's and in turn, the parents' experiences and mistakes have become much more relatable to their kids...The kids also sense that rebellion in the music of those times, which is why many of the great groups of the 60's and 70's (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, etc.) still hold up today...Even Bob Marley has never gone out of style! With all the turmoil going on in today's world (and subsequently with issues like climate change, gun control, economic disparity, etc.), the kids are longing for their own revolution and the messages of that earlier music are reverberating with them...Whether downloading, streaming or hearing it in it's original form on vinyl, the kids are listening to older music...Hopefully, that bodes well for us audiophiles if more kids are digging the "catalog" stuff...True, that makes it harder to promote new artists, but we're also living in a time when there are plenty of those older ORIGINAL pressings out there to be had for peanuts and with kids' limited incomes, finding music on the cheap has never been so easy! Of course, it depends on where you're looking, too...