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cleaning new records

Posted: 25 Apr 2019 23:20
by milford moore
Hello, All

Despite my vow that I was done with purchasing new vinyl I caved a couple of weeks ago and bought the Alison Krauss LP "Windy City". (Great record and what a voice on that girl). When I removed the LP from the sleeve I could not believe how dirty it was. There were actual fingerprints on it; like some kid with peanut butter fingers had manhandled it. The LP was unplayable. I had to wet clean the record 3 times! Now it's fine but again, hard to believe that companies will ship records in this kind of shape. Changing the subject a tiny bit: I've bemoaned the lack of "quality control" at pressing plants these days but then I got to thinking, "What does "quality control" at at pressing plant actually entail"? Does anyone know? Does somebody randomly select records as they come off the press, inspect them and actually play them? I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who's got the scoop.


milford moore