ELP - How have I missed this?

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ELP - How have I missed this?

Post by mythrenegade » 16 Apr 2019 02:38

I’ve been a fan of Emerson, Lake and Palmer since high school. 30 years later I was at a record store and found a copy of Emerson Lake and Palmer (their first album) for $1.98 in the discount bin which is where I buy most of my vinyl. This album is mostly known for “Lucky Man” which is a song I’ve never cared much for. I have never owned this album before.

In short, I’m completely blown away by this record. I sincerely regret that I have not had this in my collection for over 30 years, but am instead hearing it for the first time. My second play-through will start as soon as side 2 finishes playing for the first time. Honestly I like every single song on this album more than the only song it’s known for. What an amazing effort by one of the all time great bands.


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Re: ELP - How have I missed this?

Post by noisefreq » 19 Apr 2019 15:37

Thus the advantage of ignoring popular music of the time and "re"discovering it later.

The down side; usually cheaper when first released.
I bet your present copy wasn't $1.98.

But occasionally you can find a record that is so market saturated it's valueless to most.
I've been scrafing up any early Passport records I run across.
They're great and they're cheap!

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Re: ELP - How have I missed this?

Post by VinyldechezPierre » 19 Apr 2019 15:39

High school... 30 years later... I guess you are 10 to 15 years younger than I am. :lol:

Anyway, no matter.

Fact is there is so much music out there it is impossible to know it all. Including, yes, skipping a record by a band you like. I'm still finding new music from the last 70 years that I enjoy although I'd never heard of it before. :D

It's called life.

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