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Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 13 Apr 2019 16:33
by DasherF
Getting there, Boss, getting dumped on, again (snow, of course), wading thru that, SON gets rearended, guess who's car is busy...soon, my friend, soon...oh, yeah... Record Store Day today... gotta work... I'll get all the my opinion, NEVER a bad thing, tho. One man's scraps, y'know... 8)

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 19 Apr 2019 04:59
by vinyl master
That's OK, Dasher...I'll be looking forward to your report eventually...I'm sure you'll get a chance to investigate more at some point...

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 19 Apr 2019 07:02
by vinyl master
In the meantime, would you guys care to see another one of MY infamous adventures? :-k

Well, I should preface this by saying I've been a little under the weather the last few days and haven't had much time to get my thoughts and pics together, but I did spend a wonderful day out on Saturday (which if I'm being honest, exhausted and exhilarated me at the same time... :tired: \:D/ ) and I thought I should tell you about it...Every Record Store Day has been a trip to someplace special...If you remember, I'd gone to UHF in the past...Last year, it was Village Vinyl...But, this time, something new entirely! You've seen my other record store adventures, but I want to take you to a place that (at least in my mind) is the GRANDDADDY of them all! Intrigued? :-k

Well, you should be! :D

Keep in mind that I haven't been in this place in at least 15-20 years...Don't ask me why, but I remember going there when my vinyl mentor lived in Michigan and he talked all about this place as being one of, if not THE BEST RECORD STORE IN SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN! So, finally, I got up the courage to investigate this place again and boy, was I glad I did! :mrgreen:

Care to come along with me to Vinyl Nirvana??? :-k

Let me set the stage here...We're starting off the journey this time around in a little burgh known as Eastpointe...


Specifically, the Gratiot and 9 Mile area...


Not too far down is South Park...No, not THAT "South Park"...


Soon, we come upon a strip mall that features the go-to place (and one I've casually mentioned here before) for music and memorabilia in Southeast Michigan...The record haven (or is it heaven?) known throughout the world over as...



And talk about old-school! These guys even have a traditional pay phone right out in front of the store!


Anyway, although this place may not reach the heights of Jerry's for quantity, what's more important here is QUALITY, and they have quality records in spades! So, now I'm guessing you wanna see this place? :-k

Well, let's go inside, shall we??? :wink:


Trust me, there are many racks here and I'm not including the cool red bike rack sculpture out in front... :roll:


The prices may not be the best in town (Remember I said QUALITY records), but if there is ONE place in Detroit that I could probably find what I'm looking for without too much trouble, especially all the rare tuneage on my want list, Melodies & Memories be it! =D>

First off, I should tell you that they were not the only ones putting on festivities for Record Store Day here in Detroit, according this article in the local Metro Times... ... d=21268555

Here's the blurb they wrote on M&M...

"For RSD 2019, this family-owned shop is focused on the late, great J Dilla. Starting at noon, Dilla's Delights will serve up dozens of doughnuts. Special guests include Dilla's Uncle Herm and some of the late producer's musical family. DJ Butter and DJ King David will be spinning throughout the event. There will also be painting raffles, refreshments, and a photo opportunity will go down in front of the shop at 5 p.m. Per usual, RSD exclusives are limited to one title of each per customer."

All of that did go down (and splendidly and spectacularly, I might add! :) ), but I also wanted to thank the owners Dan and Denise, as well as their daughter Amanda for such lovely hospitality and of course, for the donuts, water and free Better Made Chips (a staple food of this area, along with Vernors Ginger Ale, Faygo Pop, Stroh's Ice Cream and Sander's Fudge! :) )...

I needed the refreshment and energy just to get through the place! #-o

Feast your eyeballs on this (and forgive me, if some of these pics may be slightly blurred...I was a bit giddy! :oops: )...

RECORDS!! :mrgreen:







Some were just hanging around! :wink:


CD's, too! New...


...and used!


RSD stuff was on one side, including this interesting Brigitte Bardot LP...


And the nice thing is...They have multiple copies of most of your common used LP's, and everything on the shelves has a place and is kept in a neat alphabetical order, which made it WAY easier to find what I was looking for! =D>


I mean, this is an INSTITUTION...It deserves AT LEAST that much respect!

There were Beatles on the wall...


Picture discs...


And MORE picture discs!


Here is their punk section...


And then, of course, it wouldn't be Detroit without a RAP section!


Notice the local flavor...


In one corner, they had some merch...


...but if the family is reading this, I'm STILL waiting for some buttons and stickers! :wink: You know, they're a good idea and GUAR-OWN-TEED to sell! :wink: :D

There were plenty of new arrivals here...


and of course, HERE!


The soundtracks and comps reside in this little corner...


And of course, who can forget the picture sleeves and the 45's???! Just LEGENDARY! 8)


There is such a soul to this place! You can feel the spirit of Motown everywhere! O:)

In fact, all the big dawgs love this place! 8)


Some of them like the great Afrika Bambataa, Techno pioneer Carl Craig and (allegedly) the "Atomic Dog" George Clinton have even signed the walls of this hollowed establishment! Check out their "Wall Of Fame"! =D>


They even get guys from London raiding their stash for Northern Soul records (A genre I'm all-too-well-aware of! :wink:) on weekends! It's a happening place, for sure! :D

I didn't even mention all the 12-inchers and the great Dollar Record Room, which I must thank owner Dan for showing me...I didn't know so much vinyl nirvana could exist on one place, but I know NOW that it does! 8)

They definitely serve their customers well!


There were plenty of "helpers", too, around the store, and I have to thank one in particular, Bob, for helping me with what probably seemed to him like an extensive want list...Still, his guidance showed me the way and although I had to crawl around on the floor a few times looking sideways and squeezing into some tight corners, I came away with quite a number of titles from my want list (and a few more I wasn't even planning on finding or looking for!)...Thank you, Bob! =D>

Did I mention that this shop is the same place where Jack White found that rare pressing of the Frank Wilson record, or that this place also revealed a rare acetate of Aretha's "Respect"? :-k ... ite-107476 ... hts-anthem


All in all, it was a great experience and a great effort by all to make the day a smashing success! I spent quite a few hours there (as much as I could anyway) and I probably didn't even cover half of what that place stocks! I may have to investigate again further into the future...For now, I just wanted to thank Dan, Denise and Amanda again for putting on a great Record Store Day and hopefully, I'll be back at some point (with a revised want list possibly) and do some even deeper crate digging! As the sun goes down and I turn to leave...


...I wanted to say this...If any of you live in Southeast Michigan and have not been to this store, what are you waiting for???? \:D/ It may well be LITERALLY THE BEST RECORD SHOP, at least on the Eastside! :mrgreen: I spent a bit of coin in this place (which means I may have to cool it for a while!), but it was worth it, even just to come in and visit the old place once again...If you care to see what I picked up, I will have a "Part 2" to this adventure...In the meantime, let me know what you guys think...Cool, eh??? 8)

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 19 Apr 2019 23:28
by DasherF
Looks like it was a great time, vm! Thanks for the tour! If I can get a car this weekend, I plan to hit at least ONE store... will take pics if allowed. One store was reluctant, but then had a firm "no people policy". We'll see how this trip goes! :-k

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 20 Apr 2019 11:46
by vinyl master
Thanks, Dasher...I actually told the guys about our little site here on Vinyl Engine and they were glad to get some good press...They have an Instagram page, so they are always sharing pictures and news! Check out this other article featuring Dan and Denise, too... ... f9ae5.html

In any case, I had quite a lot of fun and found many items on my three-page want list! As you guys might know, I am a soul, funk and jazz fan to the hilt, but I've been known to dip my toes in uncharted genres on the rare occasion, so if you guys are game, let me show you what I found this time...

As promised, here is "Part Deux" of my adventure...

First up, I've been getting into the work of the 70's funk band Side Effect...I have a few of their other albums, but I was missing "Goin' Bananas" and "What You Need", so I got these two cheap...


They do great versions of The L.A. Boppers' "Watching Life" and The Crusaders' "Keep That Same Old Feeling", for example...

The next one was a surprise...I wasn't planning on buying it, but I found two good copies of this album from L.A. Express...What's notable is that two of the greatest session players, Robben Ford and Victor Feldman are on it, and I dig those kinds of albums...


I have to thank Big B5515 for re-introducing me to this odd guy...I'm a John Denver fan, and if John Denver sang songs like Jerry Reed or Ray Stevens did and had a deep a voice as Johnny Cash's, he would sound like C.W. McCall...I found this one cheap and wanted to see what other stuff he did besides his #1 hit, "Convoy"...


Here's one I bought for the cover...But, I also dug the work of Walter Murphy's Big Apple Band in the past...Disco versions of classical stuff? Hmmm...You've got me interested! :-k It was cheap enough, too, so I said "Why not take a chance?"...


I've bought a few of Cal Tjader's albums in the past and being a Burt Bacharach fan, I had to hear what this one sounded like...Not bad! :D


I also have to thank one of my co-workers, a young guy deeply into the 80's and indie scene, who turned me onto The Red Rockers and this song...I have the album, but I'd never seen the 12-inch version, so I got this...


I've had the 45's of "Break The Chain" and "Empty Love" for local girl Liz Larin's 80's band Rebel Heels, but I've never had the whole album they put out on Atlantic until now...


In one of the "New Arrival" bins, I found a copy of this odd 10-inch record for David Crosby & Graham Nash...I've been a big fan of David Crosby's stuff and even his newer stuff, so it thought it would be a nice oddity to add to the collection...


In the "Just-In" bin, I found this unusual soundtrack...I don't know the movie, but the soundtrack features an interesting cast of characters...Again, it was cheap enough to take a risk...


I also found this intriguing record from The Murari Band in there...


The song titles sounded interesting, and I guess it's a bit folkier in the Fleetwood Mac-Linda Ronstadt good-way...


Here's one I may have, but I wasn't sure if it was in decent shape...In any case, I have a better copy and if I find that other copy, I have a funky friend who I can send it to! :wink:


Another group I was looking to complete my collection of was The Emotions...Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire took a liking to them early on and helped produce them...They did a lot of good stuff that never became hits...In fact, here is one of my favorites from them like that...

Two of their albums that I didn't have were "Sunshine" and "New Affair"...The prices again were decent, and although I could have found them for less, there is just something about finding good soul and funk in a shop that has specialized in soul and funk for many years!


I did find some more jazz records, too...I've always dug Noel Pointer's stuff and this was the only one of his I didn't have...I found this copy...


and later, I found another copy in the dollar bins, so my funky friend will get another one...


If you ask me, he's definitely feeling it on the cover! :-k

Another guy I've gotten into is the Japanese artist Sadao Watanabe...I had a couple of his albums and then, I saw these for cheap...


I mean, you can't go wrong when you've got people like Harvey Mason, Lee Ritenour and Chuck Rainey playing with you!

The Brecker Brothers are also top-notch session men as well as solo performers, so I've been looking for their solo output and this is one I'd missed previously...


I also bought another Hummingbird album...I had their second one, but not their first!


Being an Earth, Wind & Fire superfan, I have gravitated to other similar groups such as Pockets, The Real Thing and Delegation (the last two British bands)...With Delegation, I had a couple of their other albums, but I was missing the second one (known as "Eau De Vie" overseas)!


Of course, if you know them at all, it might be due to this song...

Speaking of Earth, Wind & Fire, I am also a huge Philip Bailey fan and I look for any of his stuff or related albums when I can...Since I am a completist, here's one I didn't have!


I also picked up a Billy Cobham record a while back...I might also have this one somewhere, but it was cheap and a better copy...


There was much more jazz to be bought, so I also got a copy of this album from The Crusaders, who I always seem to find a new album from every time I go record shopping...I recently found out about it after Nancy Wilson's passing, as she does a tune on it...


I love my organ jazz and I had some Reuben Wilson, Charles Kynard, Jimmy Smith and Odell Brown on my list...I didn't find any of those, but I did pick up this groovy one from Richard "Groove" Holmes...


As a huge fan of Lonnie Liston Smith, as well, I am always looking for new titles I don't have yet and THIS was one of them...


I have to thank a particular DJ for turning me on to this album...Hubert Laws should know all about family as his siblings Debra, Ronnie and Eloise have all gone on to great things in music...His sister Debra appears with him on this one, too...


I have to thank this self-same DJ for turning me on to the group, RJ's Latest Arrival...If you dig groups like Atlantic Starr, Klymaxx, Rene & Angela and other 80's soul groups, you'll dig these guys...


Here is another great compilation I found, full of tender hooks...I wasn't looking for it, but it looks to be a good one! 8)


Here's another album my DJ turned me onto...I had the 45' of "Just Call", but when I saw this, his only album, I had to see what else he had to bring to the table...


And last but not least, I always go back to those jazz flutes...Since I have his "Love Eyes", I thought I would give a chance to his first album, "Mr. Flute"...Breezy stuff, but then that's the kind of stuff that's in my wheelhouse...


When Dan showed me the Dollar Room at the end of the day, I was floored! :shock: I wasn't able to search the whole room, but I did find these on the fly...


And to quote a line from Sister Sledge, I was DEFINITELY "lost in music...caught in a trap!" :mrgreen: Or was it "caught in a trance"? :-k :wink:


All in all, another fine outing and some great additions to my collection! I'm always looking for new suggestions, too, so if you guys ever have any that you think I might dig, be sure to send me a line! :wink:

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to dig through all those boxes of 45's...Even if the Brits have drained them dry, I can always find SOMETHING I'd been looking for (or didn't know I wanted)...That's the kind of thing that makes this hobby fun and rewarding every time!

Anyway, whaddya think??? :-k

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 20 Apr 2019 12:15
by vinyl master
While I was out the other day looking for Easter gifts, I thought I would show you the music section of my local antique mall, the place I picked up that RCA Victor 9-JY changer...Check out these pics...I've bought quite a bit of vinyl (and CD's) from this vendor in the past, too...Again, LOTS OF RECORDS! :mrgreen:


In fact, they had a sale going on! :D


Here is a look at more of the records!


I didn't find much this time, but I did pick up an album The Stabilizers put out in the 80's...I've always liked their single of "One Simple Thing", but I had to hear the rest of the album...


Finally, one of the vendors had some 45's in picture sleeves and I picked up one from The Staple Singers that I didn't have...Check out their cover of the Pacific Gas & Electric's classic!


Anyway, enjoy those pics, too! As usual, if there are any places to buy records in this area, rest assured, "I'll take you there!" :D

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 05 May 2019 23:46
by DasherF
Day started like this...
(76.61 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
Ok...a man known as Ghaasl, here, PMd me yesterday saying he was coming down to "the cities". He lives about an hour or so from here. He was going to Mill City Sound, would I like to meet up with him? Sure, no problem! Sounds like a great time! I've been long overdue for a record store trip..."crate-diving" as he called it.
So, off we went, me and Bentley, my white German Shepherd. We arrived...
(128.17 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
Mr. Ghassl was there...
(113.74 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
From here on I'll let the pics speak for themselves...
(143.3 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
(203.55 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
Stay tuned for more!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 00:05
by Ghaasl
What an unflattering picture, Dash! Ha! I had a blast. Enjoy the “new” cart!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 00:40
by DasherF
Back to Mill City Sound...
(158.68 KiB) Downloaded 32 times
(154.37 KiB) Downloaded 31 times
(216.29 KiB) Downloaded 32 times
(190.4 KiB) Downloaded 32 times
Sorry for the duplicate...
A few more to go...!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 01:18
by DasherF
Ghaasl wrote:
06 May 2019 00:05
What an unflattering picture, Dash! Ha! I had a blast. Enjoy the “new” cart!
Hey, it's Sunday, we're off work, and "crate diving "! (Love that phrase! Care if I borrow it?) And, I taking all the pictures while shopping...sorry! "My bad!"
The cart, for those who don't know, was given to me by Ghaasl...awhile back I think I remember, now, was before I got my first Concorde STD in '17...I remember saying I would like to try an Ortofon. You had an OM-5 you could give me that you didn't want...paraphrasing, here.
Anyway Ghassl brought it today...he was looking for A copyof Spirit in the Sky, I'd been through 3 or 4 trying to find a nice, quiet one...cleaned 'em up trying to get them quieter...took them all to him...not in the worst, but not "audiophile, either :oops: ...

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 01:55
by Ghaasl
Use it as much as you wish. As far as the Ortie goes, I hope you enjoy it more than I did. If you’re worried about the bent cantilever, I think the Dr. has replacements. And......there was an acceptable copy of Spirit in the sky you gave me. Acceptable for an old hippy’s final goodbye. Thank you so much, Dash. A day with good folks and crate diving was just what I needed. I miss my Mrs. terribly when she’s away working. It was great to meet you. Now, if we could get Tony (VinylMaster) to come to Minneapolis for a visit, we’d be sure to have a hoot!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 02:01
by DasherF
Back to MCS, YET again...
Hmmm...musta cleared...
(183.51 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
(147.15 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
Unh...I wondered how much...
(184.57 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
Uh, there's a DOWNSTAIRS, too? Oh,
(92.59999999999999 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
Classical, sountracks and country...
(108.1 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
B back w/the singles!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 02:29
by DasherF
Y'all said..."Now, if we could get Tony (VinylMaster) to come to Minneapolis for a visit, we’d be sure to have a hoot!"
D'ya think?!
I am looking forward to THAT day...go around the town, it'd take the whole weekend, maybe a 3 dayer like Woodstock...(calm yerself, Dasher :lol: =D> 8) )
It DOES sound like a great time! Hey, Tony! come on down!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 03:27
by DasherF
Last time around!
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The stack on the right is mine...
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That WAS the start of a great extended play weekend for was great meeting Gavin (Ghassl to us), and thank you for this cartridge...I have a Dual with its name on it! 8) :lol: =D>
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Thanks G!
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Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 06 May 2019 03:29
by Ghaasl
You’re very much welcome. It was a pleasurable Sunday afternoon.