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Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 12 Aug 2018 08:52
by vinyl master
In fact, here's one now! As some of you may know by now (since I posted about it in another thread), the 12th of August is officially in the U.S. National Vinyl Record Day! I just happened to see that somewhere...and yes, guys, it's real! So, in honor of that (Really, I'm just giving myself excuses to go to the record stores... 8-[ ), I thought I would check out another wonderful record store on my bucket list (which is not open on Sundays I found out, so today will have to do! :wink: )...And this time, it was the store owned by my favorite record vendor, Joe, who attends all these record shows I've talked about...


So, off we go this time to lovely Roseville, Michigan to investigate the shop!


As my favorite group The 5th Dimension says in their song "Hard Core Poetry", "there is beauty in the concrete"!


I see it with my heart! 8)

And as I walk along the concrete, I come to Joe's shop, nestled among a row of shops...


Let's step inside, shall we? :D


This place is insane! A little shop, but every square inch is packed to the brim with stuff! It turns out that Joe is at another show this weekend, which I didn't know, but I got to meet his compatriot Mark, who allowed me share some pics of the place...Take a look!


Records in the bins!


Records on the ceiling!


Not only records, but CD's, too!


As well as cassettes, DVD's, posters, toys and even 78's...

Some very unusual decor like this rare beer bottle display...


One thing you can't really see is his "Detroit" section...Detroit radio LP's, Detroit-based artists and whatnot...A very local thing, as he has Alice Cooper, The MC5, The Stooges and many other Detroit legends in there! =D>

The albums are fairly priced, although I did get this same Julian Bream album (mentioned on a different thread) for 50 cents at the thrift shop...


Actually, I wanted to check out the dollar section, as it's the dollar section, I believe, that truly makes or breaks a record store, but I ended up talking to and getting to know Mark so much that it didn't leave me much time to go crate digging...Still, I picked up a few records today...

First off, though, I stopped at another thrift store before going to Joe's place...Today must be Soul/Jazz Day, since I found these...



3. HUBERT LAWS The Chicago Theme (I have this LP, but this copy's in better condition!)

And then, there were these oldies...

4. THE COASTERS Their Greatest Recordings (I have The Drifters and Clovers albums in this series, but I don't think I have The Coasters...The big box set of CD's I own makes up for it, though...Still, it's nice to have on vinyl!)

5. SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE Greatest Hits (This needs to be in everyone's collection...Just a fantastic set of songs! 8) )

and then, a knockoff on the T-E-J label, which is really, really bad, but I'm a sucker for knockoff albums, so there! What can I say? 8-[

6. DYNAMIC SOUND Dance Dance Dance

Anyway, then I went to Joe's store and found the following...

7. MAZE FEAT. FRANKIE BEVERLY Silky Soul (I have the cassette, but never owned the vinyl!)


9. MICHAEL FRANKS The Camera Never Lies (I have all of his other ones and recently ordered his "Time Together" CD...All good stuff, if you like good jazz and bossa nova! Not his best, but I'm a completist! 8-[ )

10. MIKE STEVENS Light Up The Night (Something about Maze today...I picked this one up as there is a smooth cover of Maze's "Joy & Pain" on it...)

and finally, I dug the cover more than anything, but the music should be good, too! It's on ECM, and I've never been disappointed by any ECM releases...


Really, I need to get in there and dig through his dollar section better (That's where I find my most favorite LP's!), but I didn't realize they closed earlier on Saturdays...I will have to note the times better, but I think I will be back again soon! Not a bad little haul, though, for the first time going there and checking it out...I have more record stores, too, on my wish list, so keep watching for more mellow and funky goodness! As well as all the wild, weird and wonderful stuff! I'll be back with more adventures, I'm sure, so stay tuned to this channel for all the latest and greatest from the crates! :mrgreen:

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 11:25
by IndigoRock2001
vinyl master wrote:Hey there, guys! I thought I would start up a new thread here...I have made it a goal on my bucket list this year to check out all the cool record stores and thrift shops in my area around Detroit that I have NOT been to yet and document my findings here on VE...Last year, I went to one of them, UHF in Royal Oak for Record Store Day 2017...
I don't know why I think this is so cool, but I've actually been there. I have a friend who lives in Royal Oak, and we went one day to the little artsy/commercial area there and went to the Royal oak record store pictured. I live in San Francisco, so far afeald of Royal Oak that it makes me feel it's really cool to have been there. It makes me think I should do a tour of the record stores here and show them. Even here though there really aren't that many record stores.

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 23:45
by vinyl master
Indi, if you would show off some of your favorite record stores and finds, it would be cool and I think others might like to see a bit of the West Coast...I know I would! 8) In fact, your city has been highlighted in many a song!

You might have said, "I came to visit Royal Oak", but what you really meant to say was...

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 23:48
by vinyl master
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 23:49
by vinyl master
I hear it's a lonely town, though...

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 23:51
by vinyl master
You could get funky over in Oakland, though...

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 23:52
by vinyl master
There are some new ones out there, too...

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 23:53
by vinyl master

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 15 Aug 2018 00:34
by vinyl master
Even a little "Golden Gate" psychedelia...

So, many musical odes have been written about your town...If it's such a musical town, then the record shops can't be far behind! :-k In fact, here are just a few you could document, if you wanted to... ... -francisco

And then, over in Oakland... ... 7457493224 ... s-albany-2

Now what was that you said??? :-k Something about "there aren't many record stores in San Francisco" or something to that effect???

I didn't even get into the flea markets, antique malls and thrift shops! :shock:

Methinks you should do a little "digging" for yourself and see what you find out there, my friend! Bring a digital camera or a phone and document these places...You live in a town known for love-ins and the intersection of Haight & Ashbury! A place known for jumpstarting the careers of The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin w/ Big Brother & The Holding Co., Sly & The Family Stone, Blue Cheer, Faith No More, Journey, Jefferson Airplane, Graham Central Station, Pablo Cruise, Mink Deville, Metallica, Moby Grape, Night Ranger, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Santana, among others!

A place like that has to have a decent music scene, so feel free to document a little bit of it here! :D

By the way, if anyone else wants to share any pics of their crate digging finds and adventures, by all means, do it! You know you want to!! :wink:

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 17 Oct 2018 11:25
by vinyl master
Well, since no one apparently has any new record store pics, I thought I would show off a few of my favorite new "record store" of the last year or two! :D

My local 2nd & Charles!! :mrgreen:








And whether you love books, toys, comics, guitars, vinyl, CD's, movies, unusual candies or just a cup of coffee, this place has something for you!! 8)

Care to check it out? :-k

They do sell some "record players" (cough, cough...)... :-&


ahem...cough, cough! :fever:





...but I won't fault them too much, as I did see THIS one, a fairly decent Sony PS-T1 with an AT headshell for sale...



$60 ain't too bad!

Of course, I also saw this...If any of you guys have an old cassette case lying around...

42675's the perfect place to store...a microphone! =D>


What I really came for, though, was the vinyl and there was PLENTY of it!!





And...EVERYWHERE! :mrgreen:

I know I was feeling good!! 8)



So, today I walked away with another smorgasbord of favorites...I picked up these...

1. SHARON REDD Redd Hott

2. D TRAIN You're The One For Me (I have the 12" and 45', but wanted the full LP experience!)

3. BREATHLESS Breathless (Taking a chance on this one, but I'm not takin' it back... :wink:)

4. AMERICA Harbor (I needed a better copy of this one...Nice cover shot, too and produced by George Martin!)

5. NAT KING COLE Sings Songs From Cat Ballou (What can I say? I'm a Nat Cole completist! 8-[ )

6. GREG HAWKES Niagara Falls (Very spacey 80's synth-rock!)

and then, an 80's favorite...I have the 45's, but not the full albums!

7. NENA 99 Luftballons

Oh, and I also picked up a few oddities, seen here...


...and to top it all off, a nice record bag to go along with these purchases!


Not a bad day in my book! :)

AND...There are two Rumer records on their way, as we speak! Those will be fun! 8)

Again, I just wanted to show you guys my favorite new spot! The racks were not as full as the last time I visited the place, but I keep finding new things each time I go there, so it's never boring! =D>

Plus, I have a discount I can use on my next purchase! Yay! :mrgreen:

If any of you guys have one of these places near you and you're a music fan, I highly advise you to check it out...You'll be glad you did! If you don't have one of these near you, least, you can live vicariously through my adventures...They are building and expanding their locations all the time, so who knows? One could be coming your way soon! :wink: :-k

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 17 Oct 2018 12:36
by Tinkaroo
Those look like some nice finds and a lot of fun too vinyl master! 8)

Thanks for sharing the photos and your findings.

I guess they make good money on the turntables they sell but seeing a wall of them like that would make me want to unleash a wild bull on that display! :lol:

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 12 Jan 2019 08:47
by vinyl master
OK, guys...I thought you guys might like to see a few more of my adventures...Care to take another trip with me? :-k This time, we're going back to the edge of St. Clair Shores, MI. We're not quite on the water, but more like the 13 Mile & Harper area...There were THREE shops I wanted to investigate for records and oddities...And today was a good day if one liked the 60's music and the 80's music...First, I checked out another Sally Ann I'd not been to...


Not much inside in the way of decent equipment, unless you call THESE decent (Sorry for any shaky images, by the way)...


I did find some records and came away with the following...

1. THE BILLY VAUGHN SINGERS Up, Up & Away (Pickwick 33) (Bought mostly for the cover!)
2. HOMER & JETHRO Homer & Jethro Strike Back (RCA Camden)
3. THE HAPPENINGS Psycle (B.T. Puppy)
4. FATHER TOM VAUGHN Jazz In Concert (RCA Victor) (This one is odd...An Episcopalian priest playing jazz with Art Davis and Elvin Jones )
5. THE PAUL WINTER SEXTET Jazz Meets The Bossa Nova (Columbia) (I'm taking a chance on this one, but it could be good... )
8. JACKIE WILSON My Golden Favorites (Brunswick)
9. JACK SCOTT Jack Scott (Carlton) (This one has his hits "My True Love" and "With Your Love" on it...)
10. GEORGE JONES First Time Live! (Epic)

I was having fun and "finding joy", even when I wasn't looking for it...


Next, I took a short walk just a distance away and when was the last time you saw a sign like this old stalwart in front of YOUR local Mickey Dee's...


I love how classic that is! Made me long for a Big Mac, but no, onto the next stop...The Second Glance Resale Shop...


Thought there might be something interesting here, but other than some appliances, clothes, books and a great picture of Audrey Hepburn, not exactly what I was looking for in a thrift store...I did buy a book, though, and off I went...Next door!

There is this cool little vintage shop, not unlike my previous stop at Chill Retro up north...Ladies and gentlemen, Time Warp Collectibles! You have to see this place! :shock:


Let me show you inside...They even have a really great jukebox up front to give it that vintage nostalgic vibe...Jason, the clerk allowed me to share a few pics, so check it out...


Pretty cool, I say...8) Lots more vintage goodies there, too! Here are some various tins and bottles...


Not much in the way of turntables or audio equipment, but I did find this odd Sears cassette player and radio...


A stash of tubes...


All was not lost, because I was not lost! :lol:


Why? Because I happened upon these bins...And everything in the store was 30% off! :D


Turns out Jason used to own a record store and he had lots of cool 80's records...I had quite a few of them, but some of the names I saw there have me thinking I may have to go back again soon to investigate further...

I did pick up these...

1. B-MOVIE Nowhere Girl (12") (Some Bizarre)
2. TORONTO Looking For Trouble LP (A&M) (I have their other albums, but apparently was missing this one! If you like Heart and Quarterflash, you would like these Canadian girls!)
3. DOLBY'S CUBE Get Out Of My Mix (12") (Capitol)
4. THE CYRKLE Red Rubber Ball (Columbia) (I have their 60's 45's, but was missing the album...)

I didn't buy as many records, as I'm saving up a bit for the end of the month's jaunt to the Vintage Expo...and the record shows soon after...

I did pick up one colored 45' of The Fools' "Psycho Chicken", which is a crazy parody of The Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer"...Let's just say that the place had some interesting stuff and Jason says they get in a lot of new arrivals, so I'll be sure to be back at some point...Here are some more pics in any case...Here are some buttons (I bought the Go-Go's one to add to my 80's collection...)...


And then, when was the last time you saw a display of old-style phono needles??? :-k


This place was groovy! 8)


And as much as I'm a Diana Ross fan and loved this picture, I had to leave it behind...But, it was cool! 8)


This place was lit! :lol:


So lit in fact that I'm calling out to them with a shout-out!


Jason's store rocks! Here are a few more of their own pics inside the place...


So, whaddya think of my new favorite vintage hangout??? :-k

In any case, stay tuned as I will be sure to have more adventures to come and there are more places on my radar that I've yet to check out...Enjoy! :D

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 12 Jan 2019 09:55
by Tinkaroo
Those look like some interesting stores and a few nice finds too vinyl master! 8)

It'll be nice to check out that last one again at a later date, after the electronics show.

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 14:26
by vinyl master
Well, I did have a chance to go back to a couple of thrift shops, where I'd found a few items in the past and discovered a couple more shops in the process...Gratiot Ave. was my destination today...First up, I discovered this little Antiques & Collectibles Shop along the way...


The owner David seemed to be a nice guy and his shop had a lot of excellent items...The only record player in the place, though, was this little 1913 Victrola...


A little out of my league, so to speak. but very cool! He also had plenty of records and I managed to pick up the following oddball 45's...

1. MAC MACANALLY How Cool/How Cool (promo)

2. PAUL BARRERE (Of Little Feat) Fool For You/Fool For You (promo)

3. JOHN PEPER & LEE JACKSON Just A Little Heartache (Globe Recording Studio acetate)

4. CAPTAIN & TENNILLE Shop Around b/w Butterscotch Castle (w/PS) (In honor of the late Daryl Dragon)

5. THE CARPENTERS Sing/Druscilla Penny (w/PS)

6. CHRISTOPHER CROSS A Chance For Heaven/Talking In My Sleep (w/PS)

7. THE DEELE Two Occasions/Two Occasions (promo)

8. HOT LINE Juice It Up/Juice It Up Pt. 2 (This is a nice, funky rarity....)

9. THE ISLEY BROTHERS Harvest For The World/Instrumental (Always loved this song, but only had the album version...)

10. BRIGATI Groovin'/Groovin' (promo) (In case, you didn't know, Eddie Brigati of The Rascals updated this classic for the disco crowd back in the 70's...)

and then, another cardboard record...

11. "Toucan Sam At The Big Race" record (I used to be a big Froot Loops fan as a kid...My breakfast routine has INDEED changed! I'm all about the Greek yogurt now...Throw in some blueberries and banana and it'll blow your mind!)

I also saw a display of buttons and decided to add to my 80's collection...I didn't see too much at first, but then, when I asked David, he said I shouldn't have asked him about buttons...He goes to the back and brings out four or five denim shirts FULL of buttons! So, I picked these up...


Original buttons from back in the day, too! The Donnie Iris button was a surprise! And yes, $1.00 each! Donnie is a Pittsburgh legend, in case any of you don't know...I always find this funny! :lol:

He IS "King Cool", after all... 8)

I can add them to these from my Chill Retro find...


In any case, I may be back there at some point...On down the road I went, though, to a couple other places...First, the Community Thrift Shop...


Not much here, but some overpriced classical, but I had to look...I have found some great CD's and DVD's there in the past, though...I did walk next door and found another vintage shop, Household Essentials Appliances & Furniture...They also had some records lying about...and for you, Tink...A bunch of these! :wink:


...and more!


All original series and TNG VHS's! Of course, the DVD's are more compact, but still a cool find! 8)

I did pick up three more 45's, though...

1. DENIECE WILLIAMS Free/Cause You Love Me Baby

2. THE BAR KAYS Freakshow On The Dance Floor/Lovers Should Never Fall In Love

and then, this odd red 45' that just says "Seasons Greetings"...Not sure what this is, but it's odd...And I like odd stuff!

Cool place full of odd stuff...And then, for kicks, I thought I'd check out the Sunshine Thrift Shop just a short walk down the strip mall...


It's an OK place, but I did find some records last time that I was surprised to see there...There is no rhyme or reason to the stacks here...


...but I did manage to pull out the following LP's...

1. GLENN JONES Take It From Me
2. GLENN JONES Glenn Jones

I always liked Glenn's soulful voice and these are great! (That one was co-written by David Foster and Burt Bacharach...)

3. BOB MCGRATH Bob McGrath from Sesame Street (This one has an odd version of The Three Ring Circus' "Groovin' On The Sunshine" on it...)

4. GEORGIE AULD AND HIS HULA-GANS Hawaii On The Rocks (Bought for the cover, again...)

Vinyl Rewind would love that one! :wink:

and then...

5. SANTO & JOHNNY Encore (I've been finding a lot of their stuff lately...)

I also saw a beat up copy of Wes Montgomery's "Tequila", and as much as I love that album, I already have THREE decent copies! :shock:

Anyway, I thought you guys might to see some more of my latest finds...I'll be around to a few more places, I'm sure, in the future, but I must focus on the upcoming vintage Expo now...Still, I always manage to have some fun searching out these places and breathing in the dust and atmosphere! :wink:

Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Posted: 19 Jan 2019 20:55
by vinyl master
Oh, and I did go back to David's little shop and added a few more buttons to my 80's collection...I also found a very nice copy of Looking Glass' self-titled 1972 LP, the one with this classic on it...