My Record Store Adventures!

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Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Post by DasherF » 17 Jun 2019 12:07

I think they a couple "reruns" that I spoke of based on condition.

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Re: My Record Store Adventures!

Post by vinyl master » 07 Jul 2019 06:56

OK, guys...Just for fun, I thought I would show you some pics of (and share an ode to) my absolute FAVORITE record store EVER! The ONE that started my obsession with cheap vinyl!! It is now sadly defunct and no longer in business, but it was run by my favorite guy seen here, Mr. Bill O'Keefe!


The store where Scotty would give me lots of great discounts on vinyl (I bought in bulk! :wink:) and even throw in some freebies and promos on occasion! The store where I learned about Duals for the first time! The store that had me sprawled on the floor looking through boxes of old 45's in search of rare gold! The store where I went in on a Wednesday afternoon and just sat in the back all day on the faded leather couch watching Neil Young's "Greendale" on the big screen (Or was it a Jimi Hendrix concert? :-k)! The store that I would stay in the back crate-digging until it was almost time to close and Scotty or Sean would have to kick me out because I didn't realize it was 8 PM already! Them's were the days, my friends! :cry:

In any case, check out some pics I found online of the place...I only wish I had taken these myself, but you'll get the gist of the place...Not big, but awesome nonetheless! :D


Here is a write-up they did on the place from way back when, too! ... 91a874578c

Although I have gone to many other record stores in my time, Rock-A-Billy's will always be my first true vinyl love! :mrgreen:

And if you guys have any memories of record stores you'd visited growing up, feel free to share those here, too! =D>

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