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Re: modern quality

Post by Vinylfreak86 » 15 Jan 2020 09:49

backtotheblack wrote:
13 Jan 2020 01:09
who is buying these albums, getting them home and playing them without fussing?
A lot of people. Because they don`t know much about vinyl and think that scratched record is a normal thing and if it produces a lot of surface noise that it is plus of vinyl playback. :o That retro-mania which goes further to a portable cassette radios and replicas of old TV games is really annoying. Majority of new products are bad quality, but people are buying them because of feeling or memories of old days.

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Re: modern quality

Post by andybeau » 15 Jan 2020 09:59

I must be lucky as well, think I had more bad LPs back in the 80s than now. It's a manufacturing process that's not perfect, like most.