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Full Dual 1224 service

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Full Dual 1224 service

Postby Ironmastro » 17 Oct 2017 16:21

This is my first time posting here so I would like to thank everyone for the amazing informations I have found on this site.
Recently I decided to bring my father's stereo, a Grundig Studio 80, to its former glory.
The system works fine but the turntable, a Dual 1224, has seen better days and I have some question to get the best results out of the servicing.
Like in many others cases, the automatic system doesn't work since the pimple is gone to pieces.
I know that a nice kit is sold from one of the users but being in America is quite distant.
Is this a good alternative?

I have found the Shell Gadus but I am not sure what oil to use since "sewing machine oil" is pretty general and I have read that differet grades exist. Any specific product available in Europe? I could easily get this but I'm not sure if it's correct:

The Dual CDS 660 cartridge and stylus are 40 years old and I am also thinking about changing them with a new unit. Is a new 660 good or can I improve by getting another cartridge?
The tonearm damper looks fine but has clearly lost some oil, is service required?
Thanks again to everyone

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Re: Full Dual 1224 service

Postby dualcan » 17 Oct 2017 21:14

Welcome Riccardo!
For a comprehensive oiling kit and the replacement for the worn pimple (223 777), Alfred Langer in Europe has both: ... subcat=0&=
and the oil kit: ... 31-en.html
All his lubes are numbered exactly as described in the service manual's lube instructions.
Make sure you clean the old stuff before putting on new, otherwise the chemical reaction will create sludge and may harden.
For a detailed look at a similar restoration to the 1224/5, I have a 1228 picture tutorial on my webpage (blue ball to the left) under Service Tips.
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