Dual 1228 doesnt stop when lever moved to "Stop"

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Re: Dual 1228 doesnt stop when lever moved to "Stop"

Post by dbxdx5 » 16 Dec 2016 03:03

Thank you Klaus. It turned out that I had too much lube on 185. After removing what was there and then reapplying a tiny amount, the force of 184 was no longer being hindered and 185 engaged fully with 189. Consequently, moving the selector to "Stop" does just that!

I need to keep repeating that mantra about less being more with lube...

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Re: Dual 1228 doesnt stop when lever moved to "Stop"

Post by calgarysaurus » 08 Jun 2019 23:32

I hope that in the time since this thread started, dbxdx5 solved this problem. If not, perhaps my experience will help. I, too, couldn't seem to solve this issue until I fully removed the whole system of pieces involved, including parts 189, 187, and 185. After removing all old grease and reapplying just a very thin layer of lithium grease on those parts that need it, I finally got it working. If I had to say what was the most significant reason for the problem, it was likely some old grease at the end of part 187 that slides in a groove in the chassis at the corner behind the motor. The grease was not visible until the part was removed.