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Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 25 Feb 2016 17:26
by Hugues TR4
Definitely the 1019!

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 25 Feb 2016 18:28
by gorlokrg
Oh god, if turntables were food, I'd be drooling a river. Absolutely LOVE those old Garrard catalogs. This is the first time seeing them (other than my 990B).

I might need to look into the Garrard Lab :twisted:

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 27 Feb 2016 03:29
by dualcan
.. and this time it's Pixie Hollows that gets the pie!
There is however a lack of attention apparent..
No one mentioned that page 38 of Mr Mortimers service treatise was missing! As devoted turntable nuts, we all need to read his work because it applies to all TT.s!
Here is page 38:
E 6705 G sl2.jpg
(299.37 KiB) Downloaded 525 times
And for the Sansui fan club we have:
set 1-1.jpg
(242.45 KiB) Downloaded 532 times
Pretty soon it won't be so lonesome...

This is a clean and powerful no-nonsense amp. The specs are written in a proper, understandable and measurable manner as opposed to the gobbledegook of today's tech specs.:
set 1-2.jpg
(339.99 KiB) Downloaded 522 times
Next are some some great Whardale speakers:
set 1-4.jpg
(271.35 KiB) Downloaded 523 times
--and rounding out this quintet without a Dual in sight, is this upstart..:
set 1-5.jpg
(197.49 KiB) Downloaded 525 times
It and its pro cousin Tascam, would be one of my fields of endeavour later on.

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 27 Feb 2016 03:59
by vinyl master
Cool, Klaus! 8) I like that Model 2000 Sansui ad...Let me know if you come across one for the 5000 series! That JBL amp reminds me of this one I saw on my local CL a while back...


Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 27 Feb 2016 11:25
by Tinkaroo
Thank-you! Thank-you very much! I must say that pie is a much nicer prize than a smelly old sea-gar! A piece of foot high black forest cake would be nice too. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the latest ads Klaus! =D>

I have a Sansui 2000x which is a later version of the model 2000 featured in the ad. Just like the Dual turntables of that era, the build quality is excellent. Sansui was a transformer manufacturer that morphed into an amp/receiver manufacturer. These and other amps of the era had some heavy duty transformers, and chassis too in them which helps to account for why they are so heavy.

The well regarded vintage Duals used heavy duty motors and heavy platters which laso made them very heavy. Together they made a nice combo of heavyweights. 8)

You didn't have to worry about a light breeze from an open window blowing these babies off the shelf! [-X

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 27 Feb 2016 22:39
by dualcan
Since Black Forest cake was mentioned its probably a good idea to stay in the middle of the Black Forest where you can't get any said cake- all kinds of torts though.
The main dish today is twofold. From the lower St Georgen's Steidinger clan, their main course:
set 1-6.jpg
(257.12 KiB) Downloaded 504 times
Served with a bit of side-dish from Japan.

The new smaller "Special du Jour", from the uptown Steidingers:
set 3-03.jpg
(209.2 KiB) Downloaded 503 times
As an alternative, something light from an English Garden:
set 3-01.jpg
(187.32 KiB) Downloaded 501 times
Here is a complete menu with the first Japanese TT in these mags:
set 3-05.jpg
(268.33 KiB) Downloaded 503 times
And lastly we have a Danish (feast) to round things up:
set 2-3.jpg
(186.5 KiB) Downloaded 500 times
Sadly this is the last ad for B&O By Noesco and is still without the gorgeous Beogram 1000- the reason why in the December 68 Mag, this set-up will appear under new importers. Dual nixed Noresco's B&O Beogram import, and B&O wanted it naturally in its lineup.

And that's all the food for thought this time...

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 28 Feb 2016 10:39
by Tinkaroo
Some more very interesting ads Klaus! =D>

The Dual 1212 looks remarkably different than most of the ones I'm used to, and the counterweight is quite different too. It is a pretty nice price point however.

I may have owned that particular model of PE at one time. It is too bad that when Dual later took over PE, that they didn't produce some higher quality PE models with unique styling. Just as an alternative to the Dual offerings. The first turntable that I bought myself was a PE, and that led me to a Dual model on my next purchase.

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 28 Feb 2016 14:08
by Dual_Jean

Let's make this thread rolling and even better make it as sticky.

I'm salivating looking at those old time adds, I understand better now the infatuation for HI-FI gears back then.

Is it only me but nothing stands out today compared to the "early days" of HI-FI?

Outstanding work Klaus! You definitely creating excitement by bringing back good old memories and infuse fresh air into our forum.

By any chance, you you have adds from the other side of the ocean? I'm curious to know what the Euro had in their back pocket against the Japanese invasion LOL [-X ... just to keep the ball rolling :D

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 28 Feb 2016 22:26
by DualDude1010
Thanks very much for these great ads, Klaus! I particularly appreciate the 1212 ad- as an owner of this model it seems to be not very common, but as you know capable of very respectable numbers.. :) I use mine for singles mostly.. Have all the original packaging & materials as well.. 8)

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 28 Feb 2016 23:37
by vinyl master
Tinkaroo wrote:Thank-you! Thank-you very much! I must say that pie is a much nicer prize than a smelly old sea-gar! A piece of foot high black forest cake would be nice too. :mrgreen:

You've got me thinking of black forest cake now, Tink... =P~ :-k

Which ain't a bad thing, by the way... :wink:

Will the next course be the 1214, Klaus, or have you got some surprise menu offerings up your sleeve??? :-k

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 29 Feb 2016 04:29
by dualcan
Thanks for the accolades folks, I'm glad it is appreciated; makes the work worthwhile!
Since I have the complete set of this particular magazine from 64ish to 83 or so, it makes a fabulous way to check on how the different manufacturers evolved, when certain units came on line plus a good view over the timely competition.
I would dearly love to copy each magazine from end to end because it is fully loaded with all aspects of electronics not just Hifi. I just skipped through a complete tutorial (over 10 magazines) on transistors application as well as theory and manufacture. It delves into all areas of radio from radio, sonar to satellite transmission. Many DIY projects and all kinds of test reports are included.
The adds were important because they highlighted the goods for the Average Joe as well as the service folks and engineer in all branches of electronics. Initially it was bilingual for many sections but soon they split into two mags. Not a single page is wasted on frivolous ads! To be sure not everyone was able to grasp all aspects but it sure was interesting!
There is nothing on the market today with a scope of this magnitude I find.
I just pulled out a couple of magazines a few weeks ago and well here we are and away we go.

Just a small note on the "new" 1210 and 1212. These two units were the first with the newer lighter, square cornered chassis and a new look. The mechanics underneath was however almost a carry-over from the 1000 series with the exception that these were the first units to incorporate (motor) power-up via arm movement with the new pawl system rather than switching power-up via the "manual" button.
The arms of these two, besides the new look, was a cost cutting measure because it had the arm's bearing block,tube, counter weight shaft, and some of the tonearm head in one piece. It is precisely this partial tonearm head which needed some extra parts riveted to it that was a problem because this was the weak spot. Many arms broke right at that spot. You will see that rather quickly the 1210 morphed into 1210A and 1212 via 1215 into 1215S/1216 incorporating the (soon to come) 1214 arm replacing these fragile things. It is also interesting to note that PE also went this route and used a sturdier version of this type of girder arm on the 2016/18 if memory serves.
We can see the steady evolution on Dual turntables which was always a fascination for me because every new model always simply improved upon the predecessor. There was never a "shot in the dark" that had to be discarded - pure evolution!

So for the first of our adds we see Trio Manufacturing change into Kenwood with some nice gear:
set 2-2.jpg
(185.82 KiB) Downloaded 464 times
And likewise for Belcor:
set 3-04.jpg
(196.85 KiB) Downloaded 465 times
and of these Rotel FAX 88's I remember selling quite a few.
Importhouse of Canada also introduced/imported the Sharp line at this time with their small transistor radios and some not so bad tape-recorders.
I just read in the news that Sharp was snatched up by Taiwan's Foxcon. This is the first foreign takeover for the Japanese electronic market. We know how this takeover saga will end--anybody remember Zenith or Electrohome???

Next up, some magnificent Swiss and I don't mean cheese!:
set 3-07.jpg
(193.69 KiB) Downloaded 467 times
After the gnashing of teeth in the Inner Sanctum of St Georgen, here is the rebuttal to Garrard's new synchronous motor:
set 3-08.jpg
(215.69 KiB) Downloaded 467 times
And with this entry, the last of the old 1000 series, we have the 1015F with pitch control and only three speeds going to market:
set 3-12.jpg
(198.54 KiB) Downloaded 470 times
It was necessary to have the complete line-up, 1210, 1212, 1015F 1009F and still top model 1019 all be equipped with the pitch control because none of the Garrards changers had this feature.
This Dual/Garrard ad squabble will become more vocal soon!

And that is our quintuplet for today!

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 29 Feb 2016 06:45
by vinyl master
Notice that they say in that Dual ad..."...The best reason for having a heavy turntable always has been and still is the extra steadiness it offers in keeping the platter speed constant."

I hope the newbies think about that before they even CONSIDER a Crosley!

Second, "and no matter what motor Dual may use in the future, we'll always keep our variable pitch control and our heavy turntable."

With that in mind, I'm curious as to what you make of today's Duals like this one, Klaus... :-k ... 3VY1KVEAPJ

I know there was a turntable mentioned here a while back, using the Dual name, but seemed substandard compared to it's predecessors...

Lastly, regarding the Rotel Fax amp, why do you think the upright, vertical amp never made it as big as the horizontal amp? It would seem that the vertical amp would take up less space on a bookshelf, for instance...

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 29 Feb 2016 11:06
by Tinkaroo
It is interesting to see the outward design styles change for both receivers and turntables in a rather short time. Just as Dual and Garrard were taking cues from each other or trying to outdo the other, the same could be said for the likes of Pioneer, Sansui, Kenwood, Marantz, etc..

These latest offerings from Kenwood don't look as attractive in style as some of their competitors at this point.

It is interesting you mentioned Taiwan as an audio manufacturing location. I have a Harman Kardon 330B which is made in Japan, but some models were also made in Taiwan.

The ad for the Dual 1015F mentions how close it is is to the 1019, but as you once pointed out to me, there are some quite major differences in features and quality between the two. For 40 more bucks, you get one of most highly respected models in Dual history. The 1009F is only 20 dollars more than the 1015F, and again would be well worth the step up in terms of quality.

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 29 Feb 2016 11:35
by dualcan
Hi Tink,
but put it into perspective; I was earning sixty gross a week at my first real job around this time- forty went to the parents for room and board!

Re: A bit of Nostalgia

Posted: 29 Feb 2016 11:56
by Tinkaroo
dualcan wrote:Hi Tink,
but put it into perspective; I was earning sixty gross a week at my first real job around this time- forty went to the parents for room and board!
I understand what you are saying Klaus. I had a part-time job on a Saturday back then, where I worked for 8 hours, and got less than 10 dollars since they took half an hour off for lunch. It wouldn't have been so bad if I at least got the full 10 dollars! :cry:

You mentioned Zenith and Electrohome earlier. I remember there was a Zenith dealer with a showroom near to where we lived when I was younger. My mom bought our first ever color TV, a used portable from them for about 200 dollars in the early to mid 1970's. It was a lot of money for her, but us kids were pretty thrilled to finally have color TV.

A few years later I bought a big floor console Zenith TV from them for what was pretty big bucks for those days. They had a lay-away plan so that I could pay a bit at a time till it was paid for before taking it home. The cabinet was like a fine piece of furniture. It came with a 3 button remote, and the channel switching was electro-mechanical, but you could fine tune any of the available slots to any channel through individual tuners.