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How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 12:43
by JaBK
Simple question.
Out of curiousity, how did you end up with the Dual that you are now running?

A few follow-up questions:

What other tables have you owned before this, any favourites among them?
Why did you switch to a Dual?
Do you have other tables alongside it - if so, which ones and why?

ME: My 1209 is a handmedown which I have been using on-and-off since I was around 14. Now 20 years later it is seeing the most use it has ever had.

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 14:11
My first Dual was a 'run-out' 1229 bought trade without cartridge (I should have nabbed an M91-ED equipped one) but with the fancy plinth (flip-down front) in white and with the part-sliding cover. It replaced for a while, a Goldring Lenco GL75 with Shure M75-EJ.

Back then (1975), the choice of good medium compliance pickups was shallow and the GL75 tonearm was (unfairly IMO) maligned because of its mass (V Block issues were only just coming to light as early examples were well under ten years old still back then). The 1229 tracked fragile ADC's without difficulty, drive-noise was better than any Garrard 301 or 401 in the thin plywood plinths they were often fitted with and the auto functions were a definite bonus.

I kept the 1229 for fifteen years, even after a Linn LP12 had taken residence (yes, I was one of 'them' but with pro friends keeping my feet on the ground I hope I stayed fairly neutral back in the dark ages). A pal needed a deck and the 1229 went to him, never to be seen again sadly. Not long after in around '90, I was on a trip to another old friend and we went to a used Hifi shop in Darlington. There, I saw a good 701 for fifty quid and a Decca Export cartridge with a mint VDH stylus on it for similar money. I grabbed both of them, the Decca going to a customer with a lovely 301/NAS Omega Point arm in a 'Bastin' plinth. The 701 remains with me to this day as a main turntable.

Being in the trade until ten years ago has enabled me access to a huge number of popular turntable models of the 60's until noughties. I still have a love affair with auto Garrards but despite almost boring reliability, my affinity and deepest respect for vintage Duals remains, as they are so capable even now, well worth the time and effort to keep them alive (I spent a fortune on that 1214 recently, when the deck remains should have been parted out), track all manner of good cartridges by and large AND THEY SOUND GOOD TOO!!!

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 14:44
by nechus
My dad gave my mother a Dual 1010 shortly after they got married, so it's in my earliest memories. Some months ago I found a similar one for sale on the internet and I bought it, but then I realized that many internal pieces had been removed, so it plays records, but it lacks all the automatic movements.

Then some weeks ago I visited a weekly market some streets from home, and an old man was selling a 1008. It was dirty and the speeds were too slow, but I took the risk and bought it. After some adjustments it's been working fine. It sits on my bedroom shelf.

Vide here:

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 15:57
by Tinkaroo
My first Dual was actually a PE bought new in the mid 1970's. I can't recall the model number of that one. It was the first turntable I ever owned.

I next bought a Dual 502 belt drive and after using that for a while bought a Dual 604 direct drive. I ended up giving the 502 to my brother in law since he needed a turntable.

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 21:27
by lini
I had been contemplating something similar to my Thorens TD280II, but preferably with a lighter arm and an easily swappable headshell design for quite a while, and when I became aware that Dual actually still existed in form of Dual-Fehrenbacher, I first bought a 505-4 and a short while later also the then freshly introduced CS455-1M - the latter more out of curiosity and because it still was comparatively cheap back then, so I thought a new fully automatic table wouldn't harm...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 21:58
by jlbruyelle
When I was a very young kid, my father had a Teppaz 336 which was not much of a hifi setup but gave me my first musical memories - can you believe it, I still remember the first time I heard Pachelbel's canon when I was 3 or 4. Then we moved to a larger house and he purchased proper equipment to listen to music, including a Dual 1219 which I instantly regarded as the most gorgeous piece of high-tech equipment. Many years later it failed beyond repair though, and was replaced by a couple of more modern, but much less cool and less durable Duals. And then I had my own turntables, bought here and there, two Revox B790, a Technics SL-D2 (once modded it became a great 78rpm player) and a Thorens TD126, all absolutely fine turntables but and all very desirable, but nothing that made me forget the Dual of my childhood, its sound and its walnut plinth, and after my father passed away the urge to have one became even more persistent. When I saw a 1019 at a yard sale I could not resist. Unfortunately it was noisy and I could never solve the problem. A second 1019 had the same problem, but a couple of years ago I finally found a 1229 in my vicinity! It took me patience to put it back into service, and it may not be as great technically as my other vinyl players, but at last I had my Graal, and I know I will never part with it.

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 22:08
by ludite
i needed a project and found a nice 1219 on craigslist for $40. spent about a week getting it back it shape & i love it. it sits next to my ar xa & i switch between the two as i see fit. i use the dual for more casual listening or when I've had a few cocktails & don't want to deal with manual queuing. i tend to use the ar for more critical listening. i love the contrast between the two. the almost primitive simplicity or the ar & the complexity of the dual. both from the same era.

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 23:21
by vinyl master
Well, I've been wanting a Dual for a very long time...A chance encounter in a record store with a loyal customer convinced me. We were loooking at albums, and chatting about turntables...And he was so adamant that the Duals were some of the best budget turntables around, and that if I ever saw one, I should snap it up instantly...And he wouldn't shut up about it, either! I thought I was fine with my $99 Sony, and the Duals escaped me, until one day, I'm perusing my local antique shop, and I saw it sitting there...$100 for a Dual 1226? I thought, nah, forget that! So, a few weeks later, I go in there on a second whim...Maybe, a new Dual wouldn't be so bad...I'm fully thinking it's gone for good, but then, I see it's at the back of the shop...Of course, now I'm armed with more information...One particular VE member convinced me to go for it, and not pay more than $50, so I used my haggling skills, and they worked...And so did the turntable! For $45, I got a great deal, and now I have a go-to guy at the antique shop for any future audio purchases...I love it! Soon enough, though, I was hungering for another Dual, and this 1009SK on CL was just crying out to me like a little puppy. At first, I was after a nice 1019, but it ended up being sold...Once I saw this 1009SK in the condition it was in, I fell in love at first sight! "Take me home", it said. I knew this one was destined for me to fix up properly, and get her to sing again...I'm such a sucker for these things! That's not to say, though, that if a nice 1019 or a 1219 came up, that I wouldn't fall in love with it, too, but this one just seems special...If she sounds anything like my 1226, I should be in for some fun times! I'm actually in the process of sourcing some styli for the rest of my tables, too, so I hope to have some good results soon on that front, too...

I can say that these Duals are just magical pieces of equipment...Simpler mechanics in a way (no DD hassles, no electronics), but very well-built for what they are. They are still respected, and many people still own and maintain their Duals. The perfect "starter" turntables, as well as perfectly good "daily drivers" for those who have a bit more experience with vinyl...Worth every penny in my book, but even the "lost puppies" can made to sing again with a little TLC...

Plus, I needed a project to keep me busy during the winter...The Dual fits the bill for all of this!

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 23:30
by vinyl master
OK, Klaus and Don, your turn!! I know you've got some stories... =P~

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 00:05
by ehtoo
My first Dual was actually my parents. It was a 1015 installed in a beautiful Electrohome circa 75 console with sattelite speakers which they purchased around 1965/66. A few years later I ended up with my own gear and forgot about Duals until I spotted a 1214 in a pretty ugly console at the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. Coincidently, I'd also recently been thinking about an automatic for my wife who is listening to my secondary system of vintage gear but finds changing records a pain. I was considering the Garrard but, I was curious over how the Dual brand is perceived today and was quite surprised at the level of sustained enthusiasm for the turntables.

I went back to the Sally Ann and the console/1214 was still there. The table was in overall great shape and I bought it (had to buy the whole ugly console) for $100 - perhaps a bit too much but I've got to keep the wife happy. It has been a sheer pleasure cleaning/lubricating and wiring this thing for AC thanks to the great advice of forum members. Now I'm looking to acquire a 1019 or 1219! The 1214 is an enjoyable performer and I've been hogging the listening area lately :D I now think there will be real problems in my marital relations if I get one of the "9's"!

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 02:15
by vinyl master
Shhhh... :-$ Don't say nothing to her...If you do get a "9" series Dual, and she asks about it, you can say "Oh...This old junk find??? She's nothing special...At least, not as special as you, dear"...while in your heart, you know that you have the best of both worlds! Of course, the 1214 is nothing to sneeze at, either, as BOTH are better than the dreaded record-killing CROSLEY!! [-X

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 03:45
by dualcan
Hmm stories!
When we came to Canada in 1957, my parents brought with them a Grundig console.
This was the top unit of the day, a Grundig 9080 with a TM819 tape deck and--a PE Rex AA with a magnetic cart, tracking at a very nice 7 grams... Here is a look-see: with the tape chassis TM 819a : ... B55_02.jpg and the Rex with detachable head:
Moving forward into my teen destructive years, this unit was to be my experimental box and launch my electronic skills. I built a separate single channel amp to the same design as the radio chassis with two EL84/6bq5 and two ECC83/12ax7 and swapped the volume control for a twin 1.3meg control.. Stereo was finally had out of the old box!
The Rex was getting a bit tired, even though I had replaced the cart for a stereo Ronette (ceramic cart) and besides, it did not look as snazzy as a 1007a! Hindsight tells me that the Rex was faaar superior to the 1007a... and perhaps even my brother's Dual 1006a (which he had for a short time until that one rightfully flew out of the window for a TD 124....):


Anyways, one day I put my experimental mitts on this 1007a and figured I could also get a B&O SP1 to work on this unit since the 1009 had the same head shell plus the same cart.... I tinkered on it and it sort of worked, until finally I did scrape up money for a 1009.
During this time (1963/4) my dad was doing weekend gigs with his Zither at a German restaurant playing "Schramm musik" and I was enlisted for the sound. In between his sessions I was asked to play tape, music I copied from Polydor records of the day. This called for a tape recorder and it was going to have to perform, only the best would do, and the TM 819 was/is a great unit, so it would be a Grundig.
At that time I was working weekends at Montreal's premium Hi-Fi store with all the great European stuff; I was in paradise! I purchased my first big item (over $400 at the time) and chose a Grundig TK 46... and for a look see:
This beast was sexy to say the least! I used this thing for about four months and it gave nothing but grief! This bloody Grundig had to go. The sleeper of tape recorders was a funny looking thing compared to the Grundig, homely looking, if you come right down to it, and it was nearly a hundred bucks more!! I needed a reliable portable tape machine since I could not use the built-in Grundig TM 819a chassis on the go. The boss of the shop Helmut (or his brother Herbert?), told me to go with this thing:
Well, my dad and I schlepped the zither and the TG 12 to "The Happy Wanderer" every weekend for about four years and it needed to be serviced only once by the Dual service manager, who was to become my manager at Dual about ten years later, and finally my partner.
While working at Dual, I was to be the kid who would service these units and the subsequent not-so-good tapes and finally the fantastic line of cassettes using the round motor from the 1219 by the way!
So looking back over these fifty (bloody hell..) years, I have had a few thousand Dual's and a few hundred PE's go through my hands professionally, and still have and use the 1009 and the fabulous TG12a tape, my first real big Dual!


and yes there is an epilogue :mrgreen: ,
I no longer have the 1007a, but it is interesting to note that the auto mechanics developed in the predecessor 1007 (of which the "a" is a cosmetic variant) is the "mother" to all the changers Dual subsequently produced. Every changer after the 1007 is only a refinement of this classic design. A true engineering feat!
And that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 04:14
by DualSpinsMyVinyl
Bought my 1219 new in 1970. I have serviced it every year and it has served me well now for 44 years. I would not trade it for anything. Being of the "Senior Generation" I frequently use my Dual in the multiplay mode because I have several sets of classical vinyl I purchased in the late 50's and early 60's that were pressed for auto stacking. It is great to sit back with the lights down low and be able to just listen uninterrupted for almost 3 hours at a time without having to move. I the years before the 1219, my first semi quality table was a Voice of Music changer purchased in 1959, used it until I bought a Gerrard "SL something" in the mid 60's then came my Dual 1219 and then in the early 80's I just had to have a linear tracking turntable so that is when I purchased the Technics SL7. Still have the SL7 and use it several times a month however I return to the 1219 because it just seems to make better music.

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 04:35
by gnuyork
I have been dragging my feet for years about getting a turntable. I would look at entry level tables, look at catalogs, forums, etc. and then read about the upgrades, which would lead me to instead choose better turntables until it spiraled out of control in my head to ridiculous prices for my first TT, so much so that I just didn't choose anything. Other hobbies commanded my time and dollars and I kept putting off the idea of getting into vinyl.

This past winter I was set purchase a used TT through another forum (a Rock III), but apparently it got damaged even before it could be shipped. So then I just waited until I could find another one for a similar deal with not much luck.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, a friend who's into Hi Fi bought me a record as a gift and told me it was my incentive to get a turntable already. So I decided to look at what was on Craigslist, and sure enough I came across a couple Duals. I remember years ago reading in forums the debate of entry level TTs vs vintage TTs and the name Dual came up a lot. Not knowing anything about them I asked on a few forums which would be better between the two models - a 1237 and a 601. I went with the 601 in the end. Came with an Empire D4000 II cart, and it seems to work fine (only some issues with the auto functions and the dreaded motor speed problem). I ordered a new cart, not knowing the condition of the Empire. I have not installed it yet. Still in my reading up phase on how to do everything right - protractors etc.

and so here I am, and already thinking about what other vintage TTS I can get. A 1219 or a Lenco or an Empire...

Re: How did you end up with a Dual?

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 05:46
by vinyl master
Gnuyork, you will not be dissatisfied with the Dual! It will lead you on a path to find more turntables! Trust me...These are classics worth rehabbing...If Dual is such a bad brand, how come we have 12 respondents so far and counting on this thread alone (and Don hasn't even weighed in yet...) I don't see the same happening for General Electric, Emerson, or Panasonic for that matter. So many makes and models out there. I have some of those types, but the Duals just elicit a different reaction from people. You mentioned that it took you a while to get with the program, but I'll tell you...It's better late than never...Be patient, and the next one will come...You're talking to the man with 18 assorted turntables and record players (and counting)...One thing will lead to another, but I can say that a good Dual can best or compete with all of them...Take a look at how many are still in use to this day...That is not an accident. They are built like tanks and made to last! Yes, they do need some work, but the sounds that come out of them are fantastic! Vintage all the way, baby!! \:D/