1249 repairs

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Re: 1249 repairs

Post by mrow2 » 28 Jan 2014 03:51

Yes, wouldn't it be nice to have gobs of those sitting in a box somewhere, awaiting retro-fix and employment! What did you replace the SM840s with? In other words, was there a "good" 840 or did they just go straight to the SM860-2?

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Re: 1249 repairs

Post by dualcan » 28 Jan 2014 04:24

They were replaced by the 860. The early speed pulleys were also problematic since the inner cones were not chrome plated. As a result, with very little use these cones would have a ring gouged in them and subsequently would no longer vary the pitch. Both these "birth-defects" were on the 601, the first belt drive unit. This unit had also other problems, but once corrected it was a nice turntable, at a reasonable price, compared to the 701.