Dual 504 Platter Bearing

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Dual 504 Platter Bearing

Post by pipecleaner » 09 Dec 2019 14:42

Hi folks,

I'm new to the form,

After 20+years of no use I am trying to get my Dual 504 turntable back into working order.

I have a replacement belt but the platter itself seems to be tight on its "bearing" and is reluctant to spin freely with the belt removed. I have applied some light machine oil but to no avail!! I am unclear as to just how the bearing itself functions??!/?

Can anyone please confirm for me if the brass/bronze shaft surface is meant to be tight on the cetral steel spindle, as mine is, or should it rotate freely around it? If it is meant to be solid my guess is it simply spins with the bearing well.

Any information/guidance will be gratefully received.



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Re: Dual 504 Platter Bearing

Post by Electone » 14 Dec 2019 17:28

The spindle to bearing tolerance is extremely narrow, but the spindle should spin freely within the bearing including the presence of oil. Clean out the bearing well with alcohol as well as the spindle. Then apply two or three drops of a light machine oil into the bearing well. Apply a few drops to the spindle and coat it with your finger. Drop the spindle into the bearing. It should slowly descend until fully seated. If you applied a little too much oil, it will usually dribble out the top.

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Re: Dual 504 Platter Bearing

Post by DSJR » 15 Dec 2019 13:31

To prevent a thinner oil from 'running way' from the top bearing sleeves with use in a Dual main bearing, I think the current recommendation is still for a good quality chainsaw oil (Stihl came up regularly when a replacement for the renotac original [as suggested for this 504 bearing] was discussed some years back) as it's not too heavy and has greater viscosity than a light machine (sewing machine?) oil, this latter fine for older and motor bearings I believe. The 504 has a captive bearing type rather like the 505's I think without looking, so this aspect may not be an issue

Whatever, Dual bearings have always been well toleranced for minimal 'slop' but shoudl always 'spin' totally freely. I worry if it's tight or binding!

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