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Dual CS-506-1: Cartridge / Stylus options

Posted: 30 Nov 2019 13:35
by Beluchi
Hello everyone,

I have recently acquired a DUAL CS506-1 with a cartridge on it with an ULM 45S generator and a DN 145E stylus on it.

I’m having great difficulties with it as it doesn’t track properly despite all my attempts setting the anti-skating, the weight and the pressure properly.

I also have a nice DUAL 505-2 with a Ortofon OM body and a OM10 that I love and which works flawlessly and plan to upgrade to OM20.

I was hoping to have the CS506-1 to perform at the same level with the 505-2.

I considered even hunting down a solution to mount a OM body onto the CS506-1 but I fear to get the wrong parts.

Any advice for the newbie that I am 😀?
Thank you in advance!

Re: Dual CS-506-1: Cartridge / Stylus options

Posted: 01 Dec 2019 13:28
by Beluchi
Hi again,
After reading my original post I realized that I was enthusiastically all over the place with my original questions 😁. Sorry about that.

So basically I’m looking for some advice on how I could fit on my CS506-1 an ORTOFON OM body so I could use a OM20.

I went through different posts on the forum on this subject and wanted to be sure to get the right parts from the right source.

Do not hesitate if you need additional information. Thank you in advance for any advice you guys could spare.

Thank you