New to me Dual 1229q

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New to me Dual 1229q

Post by jfuhrman » 09 Nov 2019 17:05

I bought what appears to be a pretty decent Dual 1229q yesterday. I dont really know anything about turntables, but have been collecting vinyls mainly from shows i attentld forbthe last 5 love to be able to play them on so.ething other than my califone.

This Dual seems to be missing the cartridge carrier and stulus, along with the center mount for the single play record. It does have a nice tinted dust cover. I ordered these to get things headed in the right direction:

A tk-24 cartridge
Ortofon Omega stylus
Rubber bushing for the single-multiplay switch
Center mount for single play records.

Ive download the owners manual and service manual and already have a powered preamp. Im pumped to have this thing spinning before too long! ๐Ÿ˜
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Re: New to me Dual 1229q

Post by musicmn » 09 Nov 2019 18:07

Hi, don't to surprised if this turntable does not work as you expect it to. Dual turntables of this age usually suffer from old grease issues along with some of the rubber parts in the mechanism needing to be replaced. What ever you do if ANY of the levers are hard to move or stuck do not force them. They will break and it can get very costly to replace them. Also up by the right side of the tonearm is a lever marked Single/Multi play. This lever is used when the record stacking spindle is install. Again DO NOT FORCE this lever to move you can damage parts of the tonearm which once broken make the turntable impossible to use until they are repaired. You need to read the posts in this sub forum titled Dual service, Replacement of Steuerpimple, and How to open up a Dual turntable for servicing. Also there are hundreds of other post regarding Dual 1229 & 1229Q turntable problems and how to properly service and adjust them. I personally have serviced quite a few Dual turntables over the last couple of years including 1229's and 1229Q's. And I have never come across one that did not need servicing before it could be used as a full automatic turntable.

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