problem with dual 1210

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problem with dual 1210

Post by alberra » 16 Oct 2019 12:52

i have an old dual 1210, customized by a friend in a wood box, i tried it but the signal to the amp ( i tried 2 different) is to high and the audio is distorting, do you think the problem could be the old needle? or what else?
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Re: problem with dual 1210

Post by mrow2 » 16 Oct 2019 22:01

Hi I would need more information in order to be reasonably certain but one possibility is that the 1210 is outfitted with a high output ceramic phono cartridge (if memory serves, a fairly common offering in the product line) and possibly you have it connected to the phono preamp in each instance. If true, it would need to output to a standard high level input such as "Aux." A ceramic cartridge output would overpower a phono input on an amp or receiver. If We could determine this with more information about the appearance of the cartridge and what model it is. If I'm correct, it might be best to remain with the ceramic and simply be certain the stylus is in good condition.

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