Sintered platter bearing 601 #234457

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Sintered platter bearing 601 #234457

Post by analoged » 02 Oct 2019 17:16

I wonder if this bearing should use the same oil as motor bearing?
Isoflex pdp40.
The service manual does not show required lubricant.
It is different construction than auto decks that specify sticky stuff.

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Re: Sintered platter bearing 601 #234457

Post by JDJX » 02 Oct 2019 18:28

As you probably know, a sintered bearing simply mean that part or all of the bearing surfaces are somewhat porous to absorb some oil.
With a TT it is the sintered sleeve that a steel spindle rides in

Sintered bearings are most often used when there are close tolerances and the oil that seeps into the being assures adequate lubrication .

Anyway, you can user the same oil
That is what I do with my sintered bearing on my Thorens .
BTW, I use the same oil to lube the motor on my Thorens . :)

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