Question about dust cover for Dual 1237

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Question about dust cover for Dual 1237

Post by pavetherainforest » 17 Sep 2019 05:48

To make a long story short, i have a dual 1237 with no dust cover. it's in a case with the dust cover brackets and all, just waiting for the right cover... i've noticed other dual dust covers on ebay, but not specifically the 1237. Would anyone know if the 1237 uses the same dust cover as other models? I saw one that looks like it would fit, but am unsure...

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Re: Question about dust cover for Dual 1237

Post by mrow2 » 17 Sep 2019 19:39

Hi -- Your post has given me an idea for a page or two on making a dust cover, or having one made. I've already covered the restoration of damaged covers and how to get the nicest result from one which is not in perfect shape (marks and scratches) upon acquisition.

I don't know which model yours uses but it is one of the tall ones. There are just a small number, with a couple variants. If you could forgo using the stacker spindle with dust cover in place, you could use one of the lower profile ones, and the lower profile Dual generally looks much better (not so Top-Hat heavy). Having one made is problematic, there are a lot of pitfalls, including the structure and back panel thickness and strength.

I'm pretty sure the newer acrylic materials are slightly thinner than the original plastic/plexiglas, hence the support issue where the hinges are. Where to place the heat-shaping bends can determine whether it will deteriorate rapidly at the joints, once in use. The bends probably need to be at the rear top and front top, not the sides. The side panels are glued. Measurements are critical and regarding the rear, it should be thicker to help distribute the weight. Since that is not likely going to happen, some additional thickness (thin plastic) needs to be sandwiched to each hinge area.

I've had several made for different models, but in earlier times and mostly they were lift-off designs except for a couple hinge versions for other brands. All were clear and they all looked great. 1237 would look posh with a low profile clear plastic cover.

The Library accessories PDF shows CK-18 (base) and CH-6 as the dust cover. Interpreting it is frustrating since I believe there are low-height covers which would work (is that the CH-5 and are there any other one piece covers?), and this document doesn't seem to define them very well. There are probably only a few Dual covers which would be candidates. There have been many over the years (of varying tints for one thing). Then there are the 701-721 covers which seem to be heavier. I'm hoping someone else will chime in with a complete defining list of single-piece Dual dust covers covering many different models from this era.

This is a good drawing from the library (below) to use as a beginning step if attempting to design and create one: Again, the measurements are critical and one little mistake can create problems.

I hope I can make time to create design instructions for a cover in the PDF Guide which I devote time to.
Cheers, Don
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