EDS 900 motor vs EDS 1000 motor

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EDS 900 motor vs EDS 1000 motor

Post by 62vauxhall » 16 Sep 2019 03:23

Was wondering what (in 100 words or less) the differences are between these two motors?

Having owned a 701 for several years, the EDS 1000 looks more substantial than the EDS 900 that runs a recently acquired 704.

Is an EDS 1000 more sopjisticated? More capable? Or, being of more recent vintage, is the EDS 900 a refinement?

And does a 704 have the (potentially) "firecracker capacitor" that 701's were sometimes known for?

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Re: EDS 900 motor vs EDS 1000 motor

Post by GuidoK » 19 Sep 2019 17:12

As for dual's spec the eds 1000 is superior.
It has better constant rotation and rumble noise is lower too (although that is in the end a measurement that includes the whole system)
It has a much mass and inertia.

The eds-1000 has also more mass&inertia than the eds1000-2 which is placed in the 721, but dual specs are the same (same constant rotation and weighed/unweighed rumble).

The eds-920 in the 731q has slightly better specs (maybe due to quarz lock)

I think the 701 has the nicest build motor setup and the 721 has the best arm (it has a nice vta control).

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