Power Supply Wiring to Dual 1210

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Power Supply Wiring to Dual 1210

Post by robo67 » 25 Aug 2019 02:47


This is my first post so please excuse any issues or errors...

I was given a Dual 1210 turntable but the donor had removed it from its case without documenting the power wiring.

I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help answer:

There is a transformer who's presence doesn't seems to play a role in powering the turntable. One one side there are two wires; white and orange. On the other side a two blue wires, two red wires and a single black wire. See my picture below.
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Q. What functions do the red, blue and black wires perform?

I have documented the wiring as best as I could in the sketch below:
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I can understand much of this wiring but two wires - white and brown - go to one side of a fuse but I have no idea where the other side of the fuse connects.
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Q. Where does the other side of the fuse connect?

There is a terminal strip that provides connections to various wires. There is a resistor between the grey wire and, I think, ground. I think it is ground but I cannot be sure.
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Q. Does the terminal second from the left connect to ground?

Here is picture of the general wiring:
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Any help with this wiring would be greatly appreciated. I have read the service manual hoping to find a wiring schematic but it cannot see one (or I just don't understand German!).


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